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TfL Holding Auditions for New Buskers: Sounds of the Underground

TfL Holding Auditions for New Buskers: Sounds of the Underground

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Keep your eyes peeled for new musical talent on the London Underground over the coming months. TfL is on the hunt for a fresh batch of buskers. 

The London Underground is special for many reasons, not least being the very first in the world. Part of the reason we love it though is because of the entertainment. Hopping out of your tube to a bit of live music really does make popping back up above ground to the bustling city all the more atmospheric. 

What’s more, it’s looking like we might be getting some fresh talent in our tube stations soon. TfL has announced that they will be opening the tube busking spots to new applicants. 

The spots are in high demand. You need a licence to busk on the underground and currently only slightly over 200 people have them. 

Just to pile on the pressure, this round of auditions will mark the first time the books have been opened since 2017, and decide who gets to be the first to busk on the Elizabeth Line (pretty high bragging rights in our books). 

On top of that, it’s estimated that about 4.3 million journeys are made on the London Underground each week – if only you could sing a quid out of every one of them…

What’s the Process of Becoming a Tube Busker?

Tube Busking Auditions

Eager buskers first have to audition in front of a panel of professional musicians and TfL workers. 

This happens on-site in a busy London tube station so they can get the measure of someone’s musical talent. Applicants will be judged on everything from the quality of their tunes to the reaction they get out of the passers-by. 

Applications for the busking slots are open until the 22nd of December 2023. If you want to apply to become a tube busker you can do so here. Good luck!

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