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Belgravia, London – An Insider’s Guide

Belgravia, London – An Insider’s Guide

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A haven for the city’s well-heeled residents, Belgravia is brimming with luxury shops, cafes and age old residences that feel like a London of days gone by. 

Boutique shops, fine dining establishments and trendy art galleries come together to make this one of the most exclusive areas of London.

Belgravia. I’m never sure whether I love it or if all that prettiness and elegance leaves me a little cold.

If there’s one thing you can’t deny – this is one of London’s most attractive neighbourhoods. 

The elegant streets of Belgravia are lined with terraced townhouses, some of which are over a century old, manicured garden squares and international embassies.

You could easily spend a day walking around the immaculate residential streets and high-end shopping lanes. 

Don’t forget your camera either, because it also has some of the most attractive shop fronts and mouth-watering bakeries that have products that are more like works of art than pastries. 

Ready to discover Belgravia for yourself? Don’t miss this guide to the best things to do in Belgravia including top shopping, dining and drinking spots.


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History of Belgravia

Peek into the past.

Mews House Belgravia

Belgravia started from more modest beginnings in the 17th century as a desolate pasture known as the Five Fields. It was notoriously dangerous as a place where thieves and highway men dominated, and the common people avoided. 

The Grosvenor family inherited the huge swathe of land thanks to a marriage between Sir Thomas Grosvenor and Mary Davies. However, it wasn’t until King George IV decided to make Buckingham House his permanent palace that the Grosvenor’s turned their attention to developing Belgravia in the early 1800s. 

A housing boom after the Napoleonic Wars helped, and a vision for the area as a high-class neighbourhood took shape.

The family commissioned architect and builder Thomas Cubitt to build exclusive townhouses on the land and to this day, his designs are considered the most fashionable and highly sought-after properties in London. 

Embassies and diplomatic offices began to congregate in the area, as did foreign businessmen and politicians and it’s continued this status as an upscale area to live in ever since. Since the mid-1800s it’s been home to poets, scientists, actors, entrepreneurs, socialites and business magnates.

Things to do in Belgravia

Delving into Belgravia’s unmissable spots.

Cadogan Hall

Cadogan hall

5 Sloane Terrace, Belgravia

Cadogan Hall is a concert venue with a 950-seat capacity.

It’s a beautiful and intimate setting to attend a live music performance and they have regular shows from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the first London orchestra to have a permanent home, to ballet, rock and jazz. It’s just two minutes walk from Sloane Square tube station.

The Royal Court Theatre

Royal Court Theatre

Sloane Square, Belgravia

The Royal Court Theatre is a non-commercial venue that is dedicated to showcasing new work by undiscovered or established writers from the UK and abroad. It’s been described as one of the most important theatres in Europe for supporting some of the best wordsmiths going around. 

Belgrave Square Garden

Belgrave Square Garden

This slice of green surrounded by gorgeous townhouses is the heart of Belgravia. The two hectares of gardens were designed by George Basevi and Thomas Cubitt in 1826 and it contains statues of famous individuals, pergolas and a tennis court. 

The only (significant) down-side is that it’s not a public garden and you have to have a key, . Still, you can satisfy yourself by taking a peek as you stroll on by. 

Ministry of Nomads Gallery

10 Little Chester St, Belgravia

This boutique gem of an art gallery was established over 10 years ago and hand picks some of the newest and most exciting work from artists around the world.

It describes itself as a ‘new sustainable art system’ by encouraging innovative art through new mediums in its artists award program.

However, stepping in the gallery for a browse is sure to spark some inspiration with its variety of paintings, sculptures, sketches and more.

Eating & Drinking in Belgravia

My favourite places to eat and drink in Belgravia.

Rococo Chocolates

Peggy Porschen 

Peggy Porschen Belgravia

116 Ebury Street, Belgravia

Get your camera ready, because this café and bakery was made for Instagram. The exterior is completely painted in baby pink with flowers reaching across the entrance. 

Once inside, you’ll find fluffy cupcakes and extravagant cakes. I have to be honest – the quality of the cakes can be hit and miss (the words dry and overpriced have been bandied about) but it’s up to you. 

Their café is also open for breakfast and lunch. 

Dominque Ansel Bakery

17-21 Elizabeth Street, Belgravia 

No guide to Belgravia can get away without mentioning this bakery. This world-renowned New York City bakery opened in London in 2016 and attracts crowds of people dying to try the famous cronut, a half croissant and half donut. 

They also have sandwiches, cookies and frozen s’mores, but it’s really the cronut people come for. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it is Belgravia after all.

The Thomas Cubitt

The Thomas Cubitt

44 Elizabeth Street, Belgravia

Named after one of London’s most famous architects, this gastropub has become one of Belgravia’s favourite dining destinations. It strikes a perfect balance between modern and traditional with oak floors and an elegant dining room with outdoor seating for those warmer sunny days.

Rococo Chocolate

Rococo Chocolate

5 Motcomb St, Belgravia

This chocolatier and café have offered some of the finest custom-crafted treats since the early 1980s. For any sweet tooth, this is your dream place. Step in for their chocolate making workshops or take a seat in their secret garden courtyard for one of the best hot chocolates you’ve likely ever had. 

The Blue Bar

The Berkeley, Wilton Pl, Belgravia

Certainly, one of the more exclusive and well-known bars in Belgravia, you’ll often find celebrity faces at The Blue Bar with its elaborate cocktail menu. It’s extremely striking in its blue and art deco interior, although like the rest of the neighbourhood, it’s undoubtedly pricey. 

The Gloucester Pub

187 Sloane St, Belgravia

For something more down-to-earth, you can’t beat this pub licensed in 1835. It’s the only pub on fashionable Sloane Street and is a traditional and typical London pub offering good cask ales and beers from around the world. You can also get everyday pub meals from fish and chips to pork belly.

Top Shopping Spots

Motcomb Street

Harvey Nichols

109-125 Knightsbridge, Belgravia

A true London shopping institution, Harvey Nichols has been trading for well over a century and Belgravia is home to its flagship store. 

This huge department store is over eight floors of fashion, beauty and home collections. If all that shopping has you exhausted, then there’s also a place to stop and have a stylish meal, because why wouldn’t there be? 

The Fifth Floor Bar and Café has an incredible roof terrace along with tasty snacks and drinks.

Motcomb Street

This skinny, paved street seems sort of like a hidden treasure when you first find it, but it’s also known as one of the best places in Belgravia to find elegant boutique stores and restaurants. 

The picturesque shop fronts are home to luxury fashion retailers like Christian Louboutin and art studios like Osborne Gallery. 

You’ll also find some of the best food stores and dining options here too like Rococo Chocolate and The Fine Cheese Co. 

Elizabeth Street

Elizabeth Street

If you want to find Belgravia’s most sophisticated and visually stunning shops, then head to Elizabeth Street. 

Here you’ll find some of London’s finest boutiques and artisan producers and there’s certainly no doubt of its exclusive vibe. From the specialist perfume shop, Les Senteurs, to ultra-fashionable jewellery at Vickisarge, there’s plenty to splash your cash on.

Even if you’re just window shopping though, this street is totally instagrammable. 

With shops like Jo Loves perfume store completely adorned with pink and red roses and of course, the famous Peggy Porschen bakery on the corner, in its baby pink exterior, you’ll want to stop and take a photo with every step.

Pimlico Road Farmers’ Market

Orange Square, Pimlico Road, Belgravia

This weekly farmers’ market on a Saturday morning takes over the pleasant Orange Square from 9am until 2pm. 

There are around 25 vendors every week selling everything from organic fruit and vegetables to fresh juices to smoked fish to homemade bread. 

Remarkably, everything is grown, cooked or fished within a 100 mile radius.

Christmas Markets

Pimlico Road & Elizabeth Street

Belgravia is home to two of the best Christmas markets in London. 

In December, Pimlico Road and Elizabeth Street are packed full of street food and market stalls as well as festivities like carols and Father Christmas visits. 

The shop fronts also live up to their stunning picturesque designs and decorate their shops and windows with Christmas themed displays and lights.

Map of Belgravia

Practical Tips for Exploring Belgravia

  • The best tube station is Victoria, which is on several tube lines and is served by buses as well. 
  • For the northern part of Belgravia, Knightsbridge or Hyde Park Corner can also be convenient tube stations. Sloane Square station is also convenient for the western part of the neighbourhood and close to Cadogan Hall and Royal Court Theatre
  • Belgravia is largely a residential area still, so during the week the streets are relatively quiet and peaceful to wander around. It’s the weekends, when the cafes, shops and bars tend to get really crowded.

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