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25 of The Most Romantic Restaurants in London

25 of The Most Romantic Restaurants in London

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Looking for the most romantic restaurants to dine in the capital? These fabulous eateries are the perfect date night spots. 

Through the right lenses (i.e. very loved-up ones), London is one of the most romantic cities in the world – so it follows that it’s home to some top-quality romantic restaurants too. 

From sky-high dining in The Shard to rustic eats at places like Sessions Arts Club, sumptuous French or Indian dinners with live jazz accompaniments at Kahani or the iconic Zedel’s you’ll have plenty to choose from.   

We’ve got you covered – stellar date night spots that will *almost* be better than the company you bring with you.

London’s Most Romantic Restaurants 




Mayfair, as you’ll notice throughout this guide, has much to offer a couple looking for a romantic dinner setting. Bacchanalia is probably the apex of all that – a restaurant where angels sculpted by Damien Hirst hang over your dinner table and thousand-year-old antiques serve as your decoration. 

The restaurant’s name refers to an ancient Greek and Roman festival of debauched excess and the menu reflects it with hearty takes on modern Italian and Greek cooking. You’re in safe hands all the way through, grab a bottle of wine and let the feast begin. 

Aqua Shard 

London Bridge 

You can’t beat some unbeatable views to stir a little romance in the heart. When it comes to London there’s one obvious place to find them and that’s at the top of its tallest building, The Shard. 

It’s a place that’s got more than its fair share of great romantic places to eat but our money will be on Aqua Shard. It’s one of the famed Aqua Group’s most prized positions – a bistro in the clouds that turns fresh British produce into a menu of up-market takes on rustic European cooking. 

Make a request on your booking to sit near the window and they’re usually more than happy to accommodate. Just make sure your date isn’t scared of heights…




Sparrow came to London by way of America. Over the pond it’s got a reputation for being one of LA’s smoothest eateries – the date night spot of monied and star-studded Hollywood elite. The Mayfair location does it all the same but replaces the celebrity razzle-dazzle with a very British elegance. 

The setting is extremely comfortable, in some ways more of a lounge than a restaurant. You’ll be sinking into plush velveteen armchairs or cuddling up on a sofa while plates of excellent Italian food are delivered to your table. 

When we ate here we were stunned by the quality of the cocktails. That’s especially true of the Amaretto Sour on their menu, a drink we’ve been back on multiple occasions to try and one we suggest you order for your special someone.  




With no shortage of fancy restaurants, Chelsea is a no-brainer for date night. We’re pretty enamoured with one spot in particular. That would be Kahani, a place where we ate a very exquisite tasting menu recently and have not stopped yammering on about to our friends and family. 

The food is Indian, made with the highest quality ingredients and no small amount of care. What they cook on their grill is particularly exceptional. The curried prawns and chicken in particular will leave quite an impression on your date. 

If you want to bring in a note sweeter than your darling, order a Sweet Modhu, a slightly spicy twist on a whisky sour that comes with a dunkable segment of honeycomb. Oh, and maybe go on a Thursday night when they lay on an evening of live jazz with your meal. 

The French House 



What could be more romantic than a restaurant with a time-honoured reputation and a booking list that everyone is dying to get on? 

Perhaps The French House’s white tablecloths and cosy, intimate dining room? A dining room where artists and French Resistance fighters have dined throughout the ages no less…

Yep, you’ll be in safe hands for date night here. Hearty cooking, fine service and bottles of excellent wine will only help the romance along. 

Just remember that you’ll need to get the booking in well in advance or you might just end up spending the night sipping Pernod with the lager louts in the downstairs pub. Not a bad night, granted, but probably not the one your date was expecting.  



You can thank us for this hidden gem when your date is over. We reckon it will be a guaranteed success if you take them here, even if a restaurant in a converted garage doesn’t sound like the most obvious spot for romance. 

The conversion at Primeur, however, is superb and turns the space into a rustic, hip neighbourhood restaurant with a quality of cooking that truly deserves more attention than it gets. 

The vibe is very relaxed. The day’s small plates are penned up on a blackboard and you’ll be sitting on what at times seems to be salvaged furniture, and when the natural wines and food start to flow you’ll be utterly absorbed.  

Bob Bob Ricard


Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard is probably most famous for its “Press for Champagne”-buttoned-booths – perhaps unfairly as the food is also stellar too. Either way, we bet they’re pouring more champagne than any other restaurant in London (use the button sparingly though if you don’t want to end up on the floor). 

The exceptional vibe mixed in with retro decorations, nothing can beat the experience. Until you try the food. 

We recommend starting with the oysters and steak tartare, as well as the Chateaubriand or Beef Wellington as a main – yes, it’s all about the classics, but when they’re done so well, why wouldn’t you. 

If you’re looking for something extra special, this is the place to go when you want to pull out the wow factor. 



No one does romance like the French, so If you’re known for being one of the city’s best French restaurants, there’s a good chance you’re also going to make the list of most romantic too. Casse-Croûte does just that. 

Casse-Croûte has that “just stumbled upon a hidden gem” vibe that feels as though you’re in on a special secret. 

With a very small menu, you don’t have to worry about reading a thousand different starters whilst trying to navigate a first date. It’s easy and unpretentious, yet always has incredible food and ambience.

The menu changes every day and you can guarantee it’ll always be real authentic French food made to perfection. The wine list is unparalleled and unfussy, a great place for some true romance.

The Cow

Notting Hill

The Cow is a bit of an institution in Notting Hill. Famous for its Guinness and Oysters, it’s an incredible pub with a fun atmosphere that gets you excited about being in London (and the person you’re here with) 

The Cow is perfect for a more relaxed date spot in London, it’s a little bit more alive and fun than a restaurant yet still has high-quality restaurant food and one where both famous people and locals sit side by side enjoying great food and delicious drinks. 

We recommend going for the fish stew or chicken kiev which is by far the best chicken kiev you’ll find in this city (it really should win an award). 

The seating is a little tight so if you want something a little fancier you can also book the restaurant upstairs which is white tablecloth with the same menu. 


Queens Park 

Ida is one of our favourites, up there with the best romantic spots for some good Italian dining in London. 

It’s small yet perfectly formed with a great menu, lovely staff and delicious homemade Italian food. Perfect if you’re looking for something a little more quaint and relaxed, yet very romantic. 

Ida’s got a cosy atmosphere which adds to the charming, family-run vibe. We recommend going for the pasta as they’re all freshly made the same day with delicious family recipes. 

The house red wine is incredible and on top of that, the restaurant is very good value for money. Sounds like a no-brainer to us. 

The Pope’s Eye Steak House


If we could give The Pope’s Eye 6 stars, we would. Candlelight, amazing ambience and a small menu of fantastic steaks – it can’t get much better than this. 

You get a choice of cut, size and meat, cooked however you like it. All the beef is hung for at least 28 days and steaks come in chunky portions so you can factor in good value for money too. The selection of wines is equally as amazing, and they also offer corkage if you fancy bringing in your own wine instead. 

It’s very old school. At one point they didn’t even take card. Though that’s changed, your bill will still be handwritten. 

This is one of our favourite date spots in London and we’re guessing whoever you bring will be impressed by this hidden gem, although perhaps check that they eat meat first. It’s a no-go for vegetarians. 

The Pelican

Notting Hill

The Pelican is a new(ish) Notting Hill pub that everyone’s talking about. Firstly, make sure you book because even on a Monday this place has a buzz like no other in London. 

Featuring two amazing fireplaces, a beautiful restaurant and a farm-to-table menu – there’s nothing quite like The Pelican, making you feel like you’ve taken a trip to the countryside right in the centre of London. 

The interior design is beautiful and the great lighting makes it instantly feel romantic. The menu is best approached in a sharing way. Go for the leeks, raw beef and tomatoes to start and sharing a main is the best option. The deserts are also incredible, don’t skimp out on the desert. 




Sketch is great if you’re in the mood to push the boat out. The quirky, 18th-century townhouse tea room that transforms into a cocktail lounge and three-Michelin-starred restaurant every evening will no doubt wow your date. 

The food is from the mind of the great French chef Pierre Gagnaire and comes in the form of plates of creatively minded cooking the likes of which can be found only here. 

The venue has a touch of the Alice in Wonderland to it, and is loaded with quirky charms the likes of which can also only be found here. To put it simply, Sketch is a one-of-a-kind restaurant and the perfect place to impress. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got the cash first though…  

J Sheekey

Covent Garden

J Sheekey is traditionally the date-night spot for seafood, fish, shellfish and oysters. It’s famous as a pre or post-theatre restaurant with a fantastic interior designed like you’re on the Orient Express. 

It’s not cheap, but you are eating some of the best seafood in London so it’s bound to be a little bit pricey. The customer service is up there with the best. Also if you don’t like fish and find yourself in this restaurant, try the triple cheese souffle, it’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. 

LPM Restaurant & Bar



LPM Restaurant & Bar is a fantastic upscale French restaurant. The food is some of the best you can get in London and that makes it a great date spot – especially as the waiters will make you and your date feel like you’re the most important people in the room. 

It’s the kind of restaurant where each dish just gets better and better and you’ll just want more and more. A great place for a special treat and perhaps a good first date destination. 

Another great aspect to this restaurant is the people watching. Think chic French diners in a lovely atmosphere, a great place to watch the world go by whilst sipping on some fine French wine and sharing plates.   

Maison François 

Green Park

Maison François is an unparalleled French restaurant with one of the best cocktail bars in London. It’s elegant and it knows how to give a real restaurant experience. 

The waiters know what they’re talking about and it’s best to let them lead you through the menu. We recommend getting there a little bit earlier and starting off your night at the bar downstairs before making your way to the restaurant upstairs.  

It’s also worth checking their website to see what events they have coming up. Maison Francois do fantastic wine-tasting nights which is the ultimate romantic date experience.  

Top Cuvée

Stoke Newington

Affordable, incredible food and wine and one of our favourite hidden gems in London. The menu changes regularly and pushes boundaries, making creative, unique dishes that are both simple and delicious. 

The wine is some of the best we’ve tasted in London and it really makes the restaurant stand out. The quality of cooking and atmosphere will beat a top-class restaurant, yet you’re not paying an arm and a leg to get it. 

A lovely local neighbourhood restaurant that you will want to keep coming back to. Try the bavette steak and chips if it’s on the menu, you won’t regret it. 


Shoreditch, Hackney 

Brat has made a real name for itself in recent years. Situated in two locations, Shoreditch and Hackney. The strong basque influence on the menu of the rustic Spanish spot with an open wood-fire grill is a foodie’s heaven. 

For a surprise date spot, we expect this spot will have you bowled over. We love the layout of the Shoreditch restaurant where you can see the kitchen along with the Manhattan-style loft apartment vibe. 

The food is varied and delicious, make sure you order something on the wood-fired oven because those chargrilled tastes are out of this world. 

La Famiglia


La Famiglia is one of the most famous Italian restaurants in London and a strong contender for our favourite date-night dinner spot. The outdoor/indoor terrace at the back is beautifully decorated and will make you feel as though you’re sitting on the coast of Italy. 

As soon as you sit at your table, you’ll be graced with their homemade tapenade and delicious selection of breads. The wines are all amazing, and it’s best to ask your waiter what they recommend based on what you like. 

As for the food, it’s all amazing. We particularly love the tuna tartare to start with and the pasta dishes as a main. The truffle pasta is what dreams are made of and if ordered, you’ll be dreaming about it for days later. 

Sessions Arts Club


Sessions Arts Club is an urban sanctuary that sits in the old judge’s dining room at Sessions House, a grand Grade II listed building in Clerkenwell. 

It’s a truly beautiful place with stunning interiors that are for the eyes of someone special. Food is different and rather thought-provoking. It feels as though you’re in some art deco house in France, it also has an incredible roof terrace.

Sessions Arts Club is the perfect place if you’re after a candlelit dinner with delicious cocktails, food and ambience. Chef Florence Knight truly whips up a small-plate storm. It’s an amazing place if you really want to impress your date – truly a standout location with the power to impress. 



If you manage to get a table, Brutto is one of the most amazingly romantic restaurants in London. The atmosphere of this little Italian is superb, only outshone by the food- simplicity at its finest. 

The menu focuses on simple ingredients to create some of the tastiest Florentine plates you’ll ever have. On top of that, it’s great value for the menu. The only negative side is how hard it is to get a table, they release the slots on Sunday morning at 9am so make sure you have your alarm set. 

They do have a few walk-in tables available, so if you go early enough you could get lucky. Do not leave without trying the vodka pasta. You’ll probably want to order 3 of them. 

Brasserie Zedel


Brasserie Zedel

Brasserie Zédel is a Parisian brasserie with a 1930s interior right in the centre of Piccadilly. The building also is host to an American Bar, a cabaret and a French café. 

Want to take your date to Paris without leaving London? Now is your chance for the ultimate romantic night in the capital, with an authentic art deco interior serving some of the most indulgent French food with house bands and late-night cabaret to boot. 

The biggest surprise is actually the value for money, Brasserie Zedel is very reasonably priced for the phenomenal food. A great buzz throughout the whole restaurant and the perfect place for a first date in London. 



A New York-inspired neighbourhood restaurant with an incredible oyster bar, bakery and grill with some beautiful outdoor tables. 

If you want to treat your date to something special and not break the bank, opt for the oyster happy hour with some of the best oysters in London for just £.70 a pop. Darby’s also has some great life music and events so be sure to check through their website. 

The setting is gorgeous and the food is amazing along with some very friendly staff that know absolutely everything about the menu and wine list. A great environment for a date if you’re looking for something not too formal yet still romantic. 



Kudu is a wonderful family-run restaurant with an ever-changing menu. The restaurant is buzzing with activity in a nice dark mood lighting, perfect for a little romance. We’d recommend sitting at the bar and watching the chef meticulously create incredible food.

The oglet is amazing alongside the truffle potato mousse and cabbage. The scallops and duck hearts are also full of flavour. Every dish, you’ll want to order again. It’s a great place for a romantic dinner with a lot of ambience and amazing food. 

London’s Romantic Restaurants: Map 

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