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The Richmond Cafe Guide: Best Coffee Shops in Richmond

The Richmond Cafe Guide: Best Coffee Shops in Richmond

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Richmond Upon Thames is brimming with brilliant cafes and coffee shops. Looking for the best spots? These are the ones you shouldn’t miss.

Richmond is a far cry from the bustling streets of inner city London, a place where the buildings stop after two or three stories and car horns and police sirens are never needed. 

As such, this peaceful suburb is a great place to unwind and Richmond’s cafe culture reflects that. From the kind of places that obsess over the filtration of the water and the grain of your ground, to laid-back family-run spots that turn out killer cakes and pastries, Richmond has a good spread of places to choose from. 

Read on for our guide of the best cafes in Richmond.

Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Richmond

Kiss the Hippo 

Few coffee shops in Richmond take their art as seriously as specialty spot Kiss the Hippo. First of all, they roast their own coffee, using their Richmond home to showcase their range of brews from around the world. 

Not only do they serve up perfectly brewed cups every single time but they also run a coffee training lab where you can up your coffee-making skills and learn the techniques for brewing your coffee at home. 

Richmond Hill Bakery 

As the name suggests, Richmond Hill Bakery is as much the place to go and pick up some freshly-baked goodies as it is to refuel on a great coffee. 

Baked goods are made from scratch on the premises at this Richmond cafe and make the perfect accompaniment to their Allpress coffees and East India Company Teas. Need something more substantial – the menu extends to larger breakfast and lunch dishes including homemade bircher muesli and toasted sandwiches. 

The ever-changing artworks and friendly vibe keep things nice and cosy – the back of the bakery doubles up as a gift shop with a nice selection of artisanal products on offer. 

Hollyhock Cafe 

Hidden in the beautiful Terrace Gardens, Hollyhock Cafe looks too cute to be real – don’t worry, it is. Fairy lights hanging over the outdoor area and gorgeous views of the Thames set the mood and the delicious menu packed with fair-trade goodies finish off the experience. 

This isn’t a coffee-spot per-se – though their coffees are well above average and come with that jaw-dropping view – the food here is as much a part of the appeal. It’s veggie, vegan and gluten-free-friendly too. 

Pembroke Lodge 

If you’re visiting Richmond Park, make time to stop for a hot beverage and a cheeky slice of cake at this delightful Richmond Park cafe.  It’s situated at the highest point in the park, on a sunny day you should grab a spot on the terrace and soak up the views. 


The name says it all – Coffeeology is a firm competitor for the title of serving the best coffee in Richmond. Allpress beans are transformed into excellently-crafted brews that have made it a firm local favourite. The fresh pastries and cakes are scrumptious too. It is small, so you may have to settle for a takeaway at busier times. 

The Alberts Deli 

Award-winning The Albert’s Deli is exactly the kind of neighbourhood deli that everyone wishes they had just around the corner – friendly, welcoming and selling a delectable range of gourmet delights for you to bring home. 

It doubles up as a brilliant cafe too – unsurprisingly the food is stellar – bursting with fresh flavours and using high-quality produce – it’s a great all-day choice. 

Rosie and Java 

Rosie and Java is a little family-run place operated by a husband-and-wife team of ex-soldier Chris and ex-teacher Alice. The place is comfortable and, as you might expect from a pair of owners as wholesome as these two, totally welcoming. 

We like Rosie and Java because as well as coffee they offer a great selection of tea. We’re not talking straight-up English brekky here, we mean these guys stock high-quality leaves imported from all around the world.  

Their coffee takes a similar philosophy of expertise and as with everything in this cafe, Chris and Alice are happy to talk you through your choice. 

Caffe Paola

If you’re looking for a bit of lunch or something heavier than a slice of cake to fill a hunger hole you should consider Caffe Paola. Located just off from Richmond Bridge the cafe is easy to get to and has some lovely views of the river, cherry blossoms lining the waterway. 

Caffe Paola also doubles up as a deli of sorts with a good choice of Italian produce on the shelves. It’s from these imports that the cafe makes their sandwiches – baguettes filled with cured meats, cheese, fish and a whole side menu dedicated to bacon fillings (win). 

Just to top it off they’ve got some great cakes to be had alongside your coffee, as well as a selection of tarts that you’ll have trouble keeping your hands off. 

Richmond Cafe Guide: Practical Tips

  • There’s a high chance you’re in Richmond for the park. If that’s the case you can always hit some of these cafes and take your lunch to go. What could be better than a day looking at deers? A day looking at deers with a sandwich in your hand.
  • There are multiple ways to get to Richmond. Depending on where you set off you might be better arriving at Mortlake or Barnes and walking a little to find these cafes.

Richmond Cafe Guide: Map

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