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Notting Hill Cafe Guide: 15 Best Coffee Shops in Notting Hill

Notting Hill Cafe Guide: 15 Best Coffee Shops in Notting Hill

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Looking for the best places to grab coffee in Notting Hill? Here are 15 fabulous spots that will do the trick. 

Notting Hill is a cafe-lover’s dream. Just a quick stroll around reveals a thriving cafe scene, full of enticing spots for you to plump down and sip your coffee (or caffeine-free alternative if that’s more your jam) to your heart’s content. 

We like to think of ourselves as fiends when it comes to finding a good cafe. Bad coffee = unacceptable. Unfriendly staff = definite no-no. 

A cafe should be homely and comfortable like Bluebelles of Portobello. Perhaps it should even be sleek and Insta-famous like Kuro, or the home of a delicious brunch menu (you can find that at Daylesford Organic).  

Whatever it is you’re after, these are the spots you don’t want to miss in Notting Hill. 

The Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Notting Hill

Bluebelles of Portobello

Perfect for when your lazy Sunday has been perhaps that bit too lazy, Bluebelles of Portobello offers up a fabulous all-day brunch menu.

Picking something from the brunch menu is quite the decision, but we can never go past the “green breakfast”. Perfectly prepared eggs, with feta plus spinach and guacamole as well. That’s enough veggies to call it a healthy meal, right?

They serve up other meals too, all inspired by Italian cuisine as well as Notting Hill itself. 

The beautiful wooden decor feels warm and comforting. It’s the kind of place where you can settle in with your friends to chat until your coffee goes cold.

Though, we have to say it’s some of the best coffee this sleek London neighbourhood can boast – you might not want to let it go to waste.


Stepping into Biscuiteers is a bit of a sugar rush – both literally and figuratively. 

Since 2012, it’s boasted one of Notting Hill’s most charming shopfronts (quite the coup around this neighbourhood), as well as a seriously adorable interior. Vogue magazine even named it one of London’s most Instagrammable locales.

No one likes a cafe that’s all style and no substance, but luckily Biscuiteers delivers on the food front as well.

They’re best known for their delicious, iced sweet treats – they have even opened up an Icing School so you can learn their secrets.

Even if you’re not planning on going all Bake Off, a macaron and coffee from this iconic coffee shop is pretty brilliant.

Farm Girl Cafe

Farm Girl Notting Hill

One thing is for sure: the Aussies have well and truly infiltrated London’s coffee scene. But when they bring with them fabulous ideas like Farm Girl Cafe, you can’t be too mad about it.

This Notting Hill cafe promises to help you “start your day the Aussie way”, and, well, after trying it, we’re convinced the Aussies are on to something.  From scrumptious avocado toast to healthy acai bowls, this is the perfect spot for a very, very long brunch.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Melbourne-inspired cafe without serving up some pretty amazing coffee. As well as the standard options like the Antipodean-fave flat white, they also have some more interesting choices like a rose latte.

It’s definitely up there with some of the best cafes in the area, and not one to be overlooked.

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Mike’s Cafe 

With so much emphasis on being “modern”, “agile”, “dynamic”, it’s just really nice to find an old-school cafe still doing its thing.

Right down to the old 60s style booth seating, Mike’s Cafe has stoically refused to change and we love them for it. It would be a shame to see the capital completely erased by a sea of chi-chi eateries (though it’s very nice to have them too). 

In a sea of smashed avocado toast and green smoothies, sometimes you just want some greasy fried eggs and/or syrup-laden pancakes. For those times, there’s Mike’s Cafe.

It may not be the fanciest place in Notting Hill, but the service is friendly, the prices are affordable and the menu is full of classics. That sounds pretty good to us.

The Butter Bakery 

The Butter Bakery takes inspiration from the bakeries and cafes of France, and when you really think about it, could you find a better role model? 

The place was opened by a family and has stayed in their hands. They’ve made it very much their own, creating an atmosphere that feels unique and a space filled with natural light (should the sun be out that day). 

Now to the serious matter: coffee. On this point, the Butter Bakery really know what they’re doing. If you’re not a coffee drinker they also have a great spread of signature teas on offer as well. 

Then of course there is the small point that this place is as much a bakery as it is a cafe, so don’t pass up on some of the baked treats on offer, and maybe grab a loaf of their Parisian bread to take home – we assure you, you won’t regret it.  


With locations in New York and Stockholm as well as London you just know you can rely on Fabrique for the ultra-cool cafe vibes. 

If you’re the type of person who likes a bit of style to your coffee shop you’ll find it in abundance here. The design is typically Nordic in its simplicity, then matched nicely with ornate bits of decidedly un-nordic furniture. Candles adorn tables and the smell of baked goods and coffee hangs in the air. 

Those baked goods are the reason the couple that founded Frabrique went into business in the first place and should not be passed up on. As with the coffee they take great care picking their ingredients – you can really in every bite and sip. 


Kuro is a bit of a big name in Notting Hill. In one short stretch they run a restaurant, a bakery and a coffee shop. The first two are massively popular for the neighbourhood’s brunch crowd but the latter doesn’t break from that formula too much either. 

You’ll regularly find queues stretching out the door and around the corner at Kuro Coffee. That probably doesn’t make this the best spot to grab a quick cup to go, but it does say something about the quality of what’s going on in that cup. 

The coffee is top-notch. They seem to have a real skill with getting the milk to the right temperature without letting it burn. Our theory is that it’s their skill in matcha paying off in transferable skills because their matcha lattes are top-notch too…

Guillam Coffee House

If you’re the kind of person who takes your coffee very seriously you’ll want your coffee made by someone who also takes it very seriously. That’s not to say any of the other cafes in this guide aren’t knocking up excellent cups of the good stuff, but there’s something special about the coffee at Guillam Coffee House

The coffee is sourced responsibly from all over the world and comes with tasting notes for the distinguished sipper. Love what you try? You can buy a bag of beans over the counter to take home with you. 

The setting for all this is elegant in a modern gentlemanly sort of way – plenty of marble and plush seating with touches of flare breaking through the minimalism in places. We reckon it would make a pretty good spot for a coffee date if you’re trying to impress.  

Daylesford Organic

Daylesford Organic is up there with our favourite spots to grab a coffee and a bit of food in Notting Hill. It’s actually a mix of a farm shop and a cafe so you can basically see the fresh produce that’ll be going onto your plate. 

The food, as you can imagine, tastes extremely fresh. It also has a charming element of the rustic to it. You’ll see what we mean if you try the honey-roasted roots risotto (and we strongly advise that you do).

Oh yes, and should you have a sunny day on your hands, the outdoor seating makes the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by, coffee in hand. 

Coffee Plant

Once upon a time, instant coffee reigned supreme. Today, you’re more likely to get a coffee with actual tasting notes than something that came out of a tin.

For those particularly impassioned coffee enthusiasts out there, there’s Coffee Plant. With more than 25 varieties of hand-picked beans, they take coffee really, really seriously.

Best of all, you can feel great about getting your caffeine fix as everything is fair trade and organic. 

Who knew that visiting one organic cafe could be good for your energy levels, your body and the people who toil their lives to make the coffee in the first place?

You’re welcome to sit in or take your coffee away, and you can even buy the beans to replicate that perfect cup at home.

Cafe in the Space 

Without getting too sappy, it is true that a good coffee shop is more than just a place for a hot drink. 

It gives you an excuse to stop and enjoy a few minutes or hours, preferably in the company of some good friends (or, if you’re anything like us, your laptop and a panicked sense that you’re permanently behind on your to-do list).

Few places embody that more than the Cafe in the Space. It’s certainly not the fanciest cafe in the neighbourhood, but it’s definitely one of our favourite Notting Hill Gate cafes.

Served up out of a literal hole-in-the-wall at St John’s Church, a delightfully simple menu reminds you of dishes whipped up by Mum or Grandma. The emphasis on organic ingredients also means it also holds a special place in our hearts.

So, the coffee isn’t made by world-famous baristas – but it’s served up with a smile and often a friendly chat. That makes it a winner in our book.

Note: Cafe in The Space is only open 10am – 3pm Monday to Thursday. 

The Tin Shed

Who doesn’t love a cafe and bakery that transforms into a cute little wine bar during the evenings? Time it just right and you can order a mid-afternoon coffee and your next drink is a pre-dinner vino. 

The Tin Shed is a Notting Hill gem. Not only are their prices reasonable, but the brunch is sublime. Order the beans on toast for a slightly bougie take on a British classic – the herb omelette is an equally toothsome dish. 

Coffee-wise, it would be very hard to be disappointed. Alongside the classic espresso, cappuccino, and flat white, you’ve got the likes of a mood-boosting matcha latte and hot chocolate.

Amoret Coffee

Amoret Coffee is a speciality coffee roaster near Portobello Road, and as you would expect from a cafe that makes their coffee in-house, their beans are carefully curated from ethical traders worldwide. 

If you’ve got the choice, opt for their chocolatey Guatemala variety – in espresso form so you can really experience the intense flavour.

The cafe itself is warm and welcoming, though seats are fairly limited. No worries – bring your keep cup and explore the area with a coffee to go.

Ole & Steen

London-based chain Ole & Steen is incredibly popular with locals… and for good reason. Not only is their coffee great, but you’ll struggle to resist a treat or two from their bakery.

As expected from a Scandinavian cafe, their cinnamon buns are divine. But we’d be lying if we didn’t tell you to order a marshmallow whip – fluffy marshmallow drizzled in caramel or chocolate. The perfect elevenses treat.

Notting Hill Coffee Project

First of all, Notting Hill Coffee Project is well worthy of its place among the best cafes in Notting Hill for its aesthetic alone. 

Minimalism and a smattering of plants is not an entirely unique concept, though NHCP pulls it off so well. It’s the kind of place you won’t mind spending an afternoon – even with a laptop and looming deadlines.

They partner with Assembly Coffee – who use only the best ethically sourced, sustainable beans – for the good stuff. NHCP donate 25p from every cup to Centrepoint and they also ensure they use environmentally-friendly packaging and processes.

This is a cafe we can really get behind.

Notting Hill Coffee Shops + Cafes: Map

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