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The Best Pubs in Notting Hill

The Best Pubs in Notting Hill

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Notting Hill’s pub scene is as varied as it is comprehensive. At first glance, you might think that Notting Hill wouldn’t offer much in the way of pubs, but you’d be wrong. 

The eclectic streets that provide a backdrop for many a colourful Instagram shot and the raucous annual carnival are home to just as diverse a range of boozers. From long-standing favourites like The Elgin to elegant gastropubs like The Cow, these are the best pubs in Notting Hill you shouldn’t miss. 


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The Best Pubs in Notting Hill

The Elgin 

The Elgin has been a personal favourite Notting Hill pub for a long time. As one of London’s old Victorian gin palaces, they’ve stayed true to their heritage with a whopping 40+ gins behind the El Gin bar. Not a gin fan? Don’t fret – there’s an extensive (and thoughtful) selection of beers, wines and other sundries to choose from too. 

The Elgin is one of the area’s more eccentric offerings – don’t be surprised if an evening trip finds some live music performances frequented by all the area’s cool kids. 

The Churchill Arms 

Sitting on the cusp of Notting Hill and Kensington, there’s no missing the beloved OTT exterior of The Churchill Arms. Ever come across a picture of that pub that’s swathed in a thick canopy of bright blooms (or Christmas trees during the festive season)? Chances are it was The Churchill Arms. 

Aside from the bonkers exterior, this Fuller’s pub has a lot going for it. The interior (just as crazy – in case you were wondering) is a maze of cosy nooks in which you can sip your pint. Interestingly, The Churchill Arms is widely credited as being the first pub in London to serve Thai food – the menu is just as authentic and delicious today and makes a refreshing chance from the standard gastropub fare.

The Cow 

One of the original London gastropubs, Tom Conran-owned boozer The Cow recently celebrated its 25th birthday. 

The fact that it’s remained just as treasured by locals and those in the know should tell you everything you need to know. Serving largely Northern European cuisine (with a distinct emphasis on seafood), it’s not hard to see why The Cow inspired so many pubs to try to emulate a little bit of its magic. It’s refreshingly low-key – letting the food and drink speak for themselves. 

The Windsor Castle 

The Windsor Castle feels like it’s been plucked out of a home counties village and tucked on a backstreet near Notting Hill Gate. The slightly out-of-the-way location means it doesn’t get quite as rammed as some of its nearby neighbours. Be thankful as it’s got a gorgeous beer garden and a cosy fire from which you can take your pick depending on the season. 

The Mall Tavern 

Beer is very much the name of the game at The Mall Tavern – there’s an impressive 20 taps to choose from – a guaranteed way to please even the fussiest of beer drinkers. Though, I should also mention that they knock up a killer cocktail for those in the mood. 

This cool pub near Notting Hill Gate is also a great contender for a hearty Sunday roast, though I have to be honest, the menu is a winner all week long. 

The Eagle 

A perfect haven of good food and drink in the heart of Ladbroke Grove, The Eagle is the kind of boozer everyone wishes they had in toddling distance of their home but very few actually do. 

 What’s not to love about this Ladbroke Grove pub? Two voluminous tanks of Truman’s Raw Lager – a kolsch style beer that’s served directly from the tank sit ready for eager punters, comfy seating abouts and the food, well the food is just excellent. It’s large enough that you can always find a seat, cosy enough that you never want to leave. 

The Ladbroke Arms 

Feeling a little more Notting Hill than Ladbroke Grove, The Ladbroke Arms is a favourite with locals in both vicinities – so much so that you’ll have to jostle for space on the terrace on a sunny day. 

The menu is rather ambitiously priced, but delivers on quality. It’s not at all unusual to see a gastropub offering British food but few do it as well as The Ladbroke Arms. Unsurprisingly, it does storming trade at the end of the week thanks to its stellar servings of Sunday roasts. 

The Sun in Splendour 

There’s no missing the bright yellow exterior of The Sun in Splendour – it’s a good thing too as this is one Portobello Road pub you won’t want to skip. 

It’s rumoured to be the oldest boozer in the area – they say that practice makes perfect and never is that truer than in this unashamedly unpretentious pub. 

Sure, the menu has expanded over the years and I’m sure it features a lot more wine than it would have in days of yore, but at its heart The Sun in Splendour is a good old-fashioned (though smart) drinking spot. 

The Prince Albert 

The Prince Albert isn’t afraid to shake things up when it comes to pub life. It might look pretty traditional from the outside, but an ever-changing rotation of street food dishes and the famous Gate Theatre upstairs sets it apart. 

The location (the pub is only a few steps away from Notting Hill Gate) means it does get busy. The pretty fairy-light lit beer garden is a cosy spot for an al fresco drink in sunnier months.

Notting Hill Pubs: Map

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