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The Best Chinese Restaurants in London

The Best Chinese Restaurants in London

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Searching for the best Chinese food in London? These Chinese restaurants bring an authentic taste of China to London.

China is a large country with a whopping 31 provinces, which means there’s lots of tasty Chinese food to try and you probably haven’t even tried it all yet– there really are that many dishes.

Chinese food can be many things, sweet and sour, seriously spicy or filled with tasty broths to slurp up. It has so many different avenues of flavour and spans further than your British style Chinese takeaway.

These Chinese restaurants in London serve the very best authentic and traditional Chinese food that London has to offer. 

Best Chinese Restaurants in London 




Hakksan is a modern Chinese restaurant located in Mayfair, with a focus on Chinese delicacies and signature cocktails. The restaurant celebrates traditional Chinese food with a modern twist, serving a main menu as well as a Dim Sum selection.

Leave your trainers at home– Hakkasan has a strict smart dress code. Inside you’ll be greeted by two dining floors with designer decoration, think darks woods and low lighting

Hakkasan’s Signature Peking Duck has all the same great flavours used in traditional Chinese food but with a twist– you can order this dish with Caviar. From the Dim Sum menu try the Wagyu Beef Shui Mai and don’t forget to treat yourself to the Shanghai Mess for dessert.  




Hate having to decide what you’d fancy to eat from the menu? Hunan has ditched menus and instead focuses on the flavours you like. 

At Hunan you will tell the chefs what spices you don’t like and sit back, relax and watch your surprise small plates emerge from the kitchen prepared by your personal chef– it’s a dining experience like no other. 

To accompany your unique and personalised meal, Hunan’s wine list brands itself as fine wine at a fair price. Needless to say, we think it’s the best Chinese restaurant London boasts.


Soho + City


Yauatcha is a fine dining Chinese restaurant in London, fusing authentic Cantonese food with a modern influence. 

The Dim Sum Experience is a great way to taste all of the very best flavours that Chinese food has to offer, The Drunken Chicken and Prawn Wonton, Char Siu Bao and Venison Puff are not to be missed. 

The signature menu also features a British-Chinese classic that we all love a helping or two of, crispy aromatic duck with pancakes. 

Min Jiang



High-end Chinese restaurant Min Jiang is aptly located on the 10th floor of the Royal Garden Hotel. Boasting lofty views of the London skyline and Hyde Park.

In the mood for duck? Min Jiang’s wood-fired Beijing duck is legendary and authentic and is served with not one but two helpings of duck prepared in different traditional ways.

Fish dishes are a staple in Chinese cuisine and Min Jiangs Stir-Fried Native Lobster with Spring Onions and Ginger’s flavours really do hit the spot.  

Royal China

Canary Wharf


Royal China is a famous Chinese restaurant in London and also known across the globe for high quality authentic Chinese food. Its restaurants are elegant and fit the bill perfectly for a fine dining experience. 

On the menu are Stewed Belly Pork, Mixed Seafood Hot Pot for sharing with friends and Sichuan Spicy Beef in Hot Chilli Oil for the spicy food lovers. 

If you’re feeling adventurous then you should try Braised Goose Feet with Abalone, it’s a Chinese delicacy and contains lots of collagen– part of your new beauty regimen?   

China Tang



Luxury Chinese restaurant, China Tang is chic and elegant. Expect 1930’s Shanghai art deco decor, it’s one of the best Chinese restaurants in London for ambience alone. 

The 1930s style-jewelled dining room serves Cantonese afternoon tea, Dim Sum and main dishes. 

If you’ve never tried Honey Spare Ribs prepared by a Chinese chef before, you must try it from China Tiang’s menu– it’s the kind of sweet sticky goodness you need in your life. 

The salt and pepper section includes soft shell crabs, which is easily the very best Chinese delicacy that you need to try right now.   

Cafe TPT



Looking for classic Chinese street food? Get yourself to Cafe TPT in Chinatown. It’s the best no-fuss Chinese food in London, and it’s open late for all your after hours cravings.

There’s set menus for sharing with friends or if you’re looking for a snack order from the street food menu. Hainanese Chicken Rice is a popular street food snack in China, as well as WonTon Noodle Soup. Salted Fish Fried Rice is moreish and eaten on the streets of China– just make sure you’ve got a drink on hand. 




A. Wong is a Michelin star Chinese restaurant in London showcasing traditional and authentic regional cuisine. A.Wong celebrates the traditional Chinese Dim Sum lunch and its evening menu encapsulates the importance of sharing plates. 

The taste of China menu is the best way to sample a variety of Chinese dishes from Shanghai Steamed Dumplings and Gong Bao Chicken to Shaanxi Pulled Lamb Burger, you’re sure to get a taste of China’s 31 Provinces.  

Barshu Restaurant 



If spicy Sichuan dishes are your thing then you need to try Barshu Restaurant’s food– It’s smoking hot. Chinese lanterns and traditional wooden decorations flood the restaurant alongside aromatic smells from the kitchen make for an authentic Chinese affair. 

Barshu’s menu is filled with beef, pork, seafood and chicken dishes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. For an authentic spicy taste try the Boiled Sea Bass with Sizzling Chilli Oil or the  Gong Bao Prawns with Cashew nuts for a savoury spice. 

Din Tai Fung

Covent Garden


Din Tai Fung is a Michelin Star Taiwanese restaurant located in Covent Garden. 

Most known for its Xiao Long Baos are a work of art and handcrafted, filled with slurpy soup and tender meats– you must try them. They’re made fresh in the kitchen after you’ve placed your order and steamed for a few minutes– you’ll be blown away by the taste. 

Steamed buns and dumplings are also on the menu, if you fancy a mix of meat and seafood, the steamed Shrimp and Pork dumplings are tasty and are best dunked in soy sauce. 

Gold Mine



Located in Queensway, Gold Mine is a relaxed no-frills Chinese eatery serving traditional Chinese food. 

It’s the best Chinese restaurant in London for an affordable meal and with roasted duck, Chinese duck and crispy duck hanging in the shop window luring you inside, it’d be rude not to try any of them.

If you’ve ever travelled to Asia you’ll know how food and karaoke go hand in hand, and so the Gold Mine’s karaoke rooms are the best place to enjoy a fun night out with mouthwatering food to match.

Phoenix Palace



Phoenix Palace is an international gem adored by international travellers and locals alike. An expansive Oriental dining room is filled with vibrant traditional decor creating a true cultural experience.  

Phoenix Palace has over 300 dishes from 8 different menus to choose from– a bit tricky for the indecisive. Choose the Deep Fried Crispy shredded Squid to start followed by Kung Pao Spicy Chicken and Peanuts and if you have room (we bet you do), order the Mango Pudding for dessert. 

Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant



Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant is the best Chinese in London for crispy pork and crispy duck– you will be wanting seconds. At first glance, this no-fuss eatery doesn’t look very charming but the food that awaits you inside is absolutely worth a try.

If you don’t fancy the Peking Duck then order the sizzling Szechuan Beef Pot, it’s all kinds of spicy. Mixed Seafood Fried Noodles are also a top pick and best washed down with the infamous Tsing Tao– this beer is s right of passage in China, you should try it if you haven’t already. 




Etles Chinese restaurant’s cuisine is Uyghur and is from Xinjiang province, in China it’s a place where Chinese spices meet Middle East cuisine and it is a match made in heaven.

You won’t find any sweet and sour dishes here, this restaurant is for the spice heads. Kung Pao Chicken, Spiced Sea Bass are on the main menu and have a fiery kick, you have been warned. 

A traditional Uyghur snack is skewers, try the lamb, chicken or the kidney if you’re a little more of an adventurous eater.    


London Bridge


Hailing from Hong Kong, Hutong is the best Chinese restaurant in London Bridge. 

Just like its Hong Kong restaurant, where the story began, Hutong is an upscale restaurant with traditional Chinese lanterns and silk curtains complete with city views from level 33 of the Shard.

Order sumptuous Dim Sum Platters with Rose Champagne Shrimp Dumplings or the Sichuan Style Deep Fried Lobster– every dish here is expertly made and bursting with flavour. 

If you’re looking for a Chinese cocktail, order the Shanghai & Tonic, The Five Spice Mary or the Chinese Lantern for a Chinese take on cocktails you already know and love. 

Jen Cafe



Jen Cafe is the perfect pit-stop whilst wandering around Chinatown for an authentic Chinese in London. 

You won’t be able to miss its bright green exterior, Jen Cafe offers bubble teas in every kind of flavour you can think of. Get the Iced Mango Pearl Delight and snack on the succulent spicy pork and veggie filled dumplings or Honey Pork BBQ Pork for something more sweet. 

Jen Cafe also has floral hot teas like the Chrysanthemum Honey or Lemon Kumquat, all Chinese favourites– and soon to be yours. 

Imperial Treasure

St James’s


Imperial Treasure is the best Cantonese restaurant in London for splurging. The award-winning Chinese restaurant serves the very best and authentic Chinese delicacies.

The venue is grand with high-ceilings and offers an extravagant dining experience.

Its signatures are Dim Sum, live seafood and its best known for its Beijing style-roasted duck.

Service at Imperial is second to none, except to be wined and dined and fed Crispy Iberico Pork Belly that melts in the mouth with a side of Salt and Pepper Squid that’s perfectly seasoned.   


King’s Cross


Spicy Szechuan fare is served at Kaki, a canalside eatery with a breezy terrace with great views.

A modern Sichuan joint with slate walls and red brick interior make this the trendiest Chinese restaurant in London. A spicy and pungent menu, Kaki cooks up Spicy Numbing Rice Biscuits and Hot and spicy Dry Pot Frog Legs– more water for the table please.

For a non-spicy dish order the Egg Yolk Soft Shell Crab or try the oolong pork belly.  

Silk Road



Silk Road restaurant in Camberwell is all about simple yet flavourful Chinese dumplings, noodles and stews. The restaurant is intimate and diners are seated at long wooden tables feasting on far eastern spices. 

The cuisine at Silk Road, is aptly modelled around the flavours of the Silk Road and many of the dishes can be found in Xinjiang province where spicy Sichuan food is where it’s at.

For a taste of central Asia try the Xinjiang Lamb shish or the Xinjiang Style Fried Noodles.


Shepherd’s Bush


Bringing you 1940’s art deco vibes, Shikumen is a classy venue to chow down on some of the best Chinese food in London. 

Serving gourmet Chinese food including Shanghai classics Peking Duck and Dim Sum. The restaurant features grey bricked walls commonly used for houses in Shangahi’s hutongs and red gates to section off the eating areas. 

Fancy some noodles? The Penang Fried Ho Fun with Beef fillet is a good choice to try.

Practical Tips for Exploring London’s Chinese Restaurants

  • Cantonese-style peking duck is a must try if you’re sharing it with friends. While you should always choose Dim Sum for lunch always, try steamed dumplings, gyozas and pork bao buns.
  • Spicy Szechuan deep fried lobster or Kung Pao Chicken are some of the best dishes from this style of Chinese cuisine. 

Best Chinese Restaurants in London: Map 

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