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MOCO Museum: London’s Soon-to-Come Museum of Contemporary Art

MOCO Museum: London’s Soon-to-Come Museum of Contemporary Art

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London’s art gallery collection grows by one with the announcement of a new arrival from the continent.

London is dripping with art galleries, from the major spots like the National Gallery, the two Tates, the National Portrait Gallery, a couple of White Cubes, Whitechapel and the slew of other independent art galleries, we are truly spoilt for art. 

If all that choice sends your mind more wobbly than Millennium Bridge, you better get worried because we’re getting one more to add to our list, and it’s set to be a biggun. Enter MOCO Museum

What Can We Expect?

MOCO stands for Modern Contemporary which means you can’t expect to see anything more than a few decades old. MOCO already have two outposts on the continent in Barcelona and Amsterdam that come with some very recognizable names. 

Moco Museum

Of them, Banksy and Basquiat are the ones that jump out at us but then saying that almost makes us feel guilty for Tracy Emin, Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol who’s names also feature in MOCO’s European catalogue. 

We expect they’ll be acquiring new pieces for the London site, as well as shipping a few bits around the continental galleries to keep things fresh – expect being the key word here. 

Not much is actually confirmed about MOCO’s arrival to London. So far all that’s promised is a three-floor location in a period building on Oxford Street. The reason for this is that plans to switch the building from commercial to a cultural use have only just been approved at the beginning of October. 

Other than that you’ll have to wait for specifics. We’ll leave you with one other thing we’re pretty sure you can expect: Inspite of London’s slew of free museums, MOCO is one you’ll have to pay for. 

The continental sites have a charge on the door, both of which charge different amounts for entry, roughly £19 in Amsterdam and £13 at Barcalona. 

Moco Museum: Practical Tips 

Where: Marble Arch, though the exact address is still TBC.

When: No opening date confirmed yet. 


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