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Brixton Cafe Guide: The Best Coffee Shops in Brixton For Your Caffeine Fix

Brixton Cafe Guide: The Best Coffee Shops in Brixton For Your Caffeine Fix

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In Brixton and in need of your coffee fix? These are the Brixton cafes and coffee shops you shouldn’t miss. 

We all know how much I adore Brixton (well, if you didn’t, you do now). From cool street food markets to buzzing bars, there are so many things to do in Brixton you’re never short of an option or two. 

Hunting out the best coffee shops in Brixton? I’ve got you covered.


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The Best Brixton Cafes and Coffee Shops

Federation Coffee 

Federation Coffee

If you find yourself in need of a caffeinated pick-me-up while visiting Brixton Market, you’d best head for Federation Coffee.

The space is cosy and casual, and there’s excellent coffee on offer. 

What makes Federation Coffee in Brixton a rare space these days is the total lack of Wi-Fi. 

As a result, it’s not ideal if you’re looking to do a spot of work (to be honest, the seating isn’t really set up for that anyway) – but it’s perfect if you’re after some good old fashioned conversation.

Another thing I love about Federation Coffee is they have espresso soaked banana bread on offer. Perfect for when you are trying to limit yourself to coffee or cake (always a difficult choice.)

Brixton Pound Cafe 

If you want your coffee with a sprinkling of activism, then you’ll love the Brixton Pound Cafe.

Brixton has always been political, and that extends to its coffee shops too.

Most people are drawn in by the “pay what you like” system of this vegetarian cafe, but there’s much more to it. 

It’s not just a coffee shop in Brixton, but also a hub of artistic performance and thought-provoking political events. They also provide low-cost venue hire to host other events, from children’s book clubs to reiki.

It describes itself as ‘radical’ and while at first glance it might just look like another hip coffee shop, it’s well worth scratching the surface to get to know it a little better.

Stir Coffee 

Stir Coffee

Coffee, craft beer and good food? Sign me up. 

It’s no wonder that Stir Coffee is one of the most popular cafes in Brixton. It really knows how to please a crowd.

This cosy and quaint coffee shop’s motto is “good vibes matter”, and they sure do. If you want a friendly face to serve your beverage of choice, then you’ll love Stir.

This cafe is born out of a genuine passion for coffee and for Brixton. The owner can often be found manning the coffee machine and chatting away to customers.

A particular highlight of the menu is the tasty brioche buns that are perfect for a brunch – and fabulously accompanied by coffee or beer.

San Marino 

Brixton has gone through many changes in recent years, but stepping into San Marino is like visiting the home of an old friend.

This Sicilian-inspired coffee shop has been serving up great coffee and great vibes in equal measure since 1993.

Being Sicilian-inspired, it’s no surprise that this Brixton staple also serves up amazing Italian food to boot. 

They also do a mean full English breakfast – perfect if you’re craving something greasy and delicious after a big night enjoying Brixton’s nightlife.

San Marino makes sure everyone is welcome, so there’s also a great vegetarian and vegan section as well. 


As a writer, I’m always on the look out for a cafe that offers a great working space as well as delicious food and caffeinated beverages. I certainly found it with Caya.

This Brixton hotspot is a co-working space, attracting freelancers, creatives and entrepreneurs to the space.

This means there’s a fun, energetic atmosphere that certainly helps to overcome any lingering writer’s block.

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to be footloose and fancy free in Brixton, you’re totally welcome at Caya. The coffee is awesome and the good vibes can be shared by all.

Don’t miss the hummus on sourdough – yum.


Don’t believe vegan and vegetarian food can be delicious? I dare you to try what’s on offer at Katakata. The crepes in particular are a revelation.

If you’re looking for a coffee shop sans meat and dairy, then you’re sure to love what’s on offer at this quirky cafe.

Forget the high-end furniture posing as rustic – Katakata really practice what they preach, recycling donated furniture to fill the cafe. The result is a warm and eclectic space.

The coffee is great, with a wide range of milk alternatives available if that’s your thing. It’s a guilt-free cup, that’s best enjoyed in the comfort of this colourful and quirky space.


There are two types of people in the world. Those who start their day off with a healthy, vitamin-rich juice, and those who sleepwalk to the coffee machine for coffee #1.

No judgment here – they both have their merits.

Whichever category you fit into – or maybe you’re a rare hybrid – then you’ll be well taken care of at Balance. This great Brixton cafe serves up delicious coffee as well as freshly pressed juices.

Owned by a husband and wife team, Balance has a small, personal feel so you immediately feel welcome. 

Things get even better when they serve up some delicious treats, including some secret smoothies that aren’t on the menu (just ask what’s available that day).

F. Mondays 

F*ck Mondays

As well as its memorable name (who hasn’t said something similar when you’re alarm sounds at the beginning of the week), F. Mondays is well-known for its great food and coffee.

Since opening up in 2014, word about their modest but delicious menu and fabulous coffee has spread throughout Brixton. It’s now a local fave, that also features on many travellers’ to do lists as well.

The cafe supports lots of other independent businesses, sourcing as much as they can locally. The menu also changes a lot depending on what’s in season.

What doesn’t change is the consistently awesome coffee. Whether you’re meeting up with a friend or just need a massive caffeine kick to face the new week, you’ll find it at F. Mondays.

Burnt Toast Cafe 

Within a stone’s throw of Brixton Village, I’m pleased to report that despite the name, all my food was perfectly cooked.

It’s impossible to so close to the Village without a fair bit of the ‘cool’ factor rubbing off, and it certainly has. Inside is simple and stylish, but when the weather permits, outside is where it’s at.

As well as excellent coffee, Burnt Toast Cafe is famous for its mouth-wateringly good pancakes. 

A morning that begins with coffee and pancakes before a spot of shopping at one of London’s coolest hotspots? Sounds like a dream.

Ritzy Cinema Cafe 

Heading out to the pictures is one of the best things to do in Brixton, and if you’re looking for a great coffee shop nearby you won’t be disappointed.

The beautiful 1911-built cinema also houses a delectable cafe where you can sit and soak up the vintage atmosphere.

The menu has plenty of cafe favourites as long as some more unusual choices like a beetroot curry. They also have quite a good wine list, if you fancy a tipple before catching a flick.

Even if you’re not planning to catch a movie, it’s still a great choice for a coffee or a light lunch. Just be warned, it does get very busy so you might want to call ahead.

Brixton Coffee Shop Map

Click here for a Google Map with the cafes featured. 

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