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Fabulous Plant Shops in London to Bring Your Home to Life

Fabulous Plant Shops in London to Bring Your Home to Life

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Tired of staring at the same old four walls? These brilliant plant shops in London will help you bring your home to life. 

You might not think it but purchasing your first houseplant is kind of a *big deal*. 

Not only do houseplants scream “successful adulting” but they’re also touted to have health benefits like reduced stress, boosted moods and increased productivity. In other words, they’re exactly the tonic we need in the disaster that has been 2021 thus far. 

Need to know where to find these magical objects? These stellar plant shops in London will sort you right out.

The Best Plant Shops in London

Plant Warehouse 


We’ll level with you – the interior of Plant Warehouse is straight-up #goals

We dare anyone to walk into this Hackney plant shop and not immediately start thinking about how they can replicate it at home.

Guess that’s the point isn’t it? Those big houseplant dreams will make you get spenny with it – but let’s face it, we’ve all dropped a lot of cash on worse things than a botanic haul. 

Conservatory Archives 


Conservatory Archives

Conservatory Archives may be small but holy Jesus, it’s mighty. 

A pocket of lush jungle-esque greenery in Hackney, you’ll have to shimmy between the hanging vines and shiny yuccas to hunt out your purchase. 

The small size also means you’re never far away from a member of staff – their encyclopaedic knowledge of the stock is sure to help you walk away with something you love. 

Battersea Flower Station


Pun-cellent name aside, the Battersea Flower Station sells itself short. 

It sells flowers, sure, but it also touts a pretty eye-catching array of indoor plants you won’t be able to resist. 

The space is pure escapism  – complete with bunting and fairy lights it couldn’t stand in starker contrast with the concrete jungle of its Battersea surrounds. 


East Dulwich and Deptford

Forest East Dulwich

The eeny meeny East Dulwich outpost of Forest has been keeping the area’s yummy mummies in bragging fodder for a while now. 

They pride themselves on only stocking plants that are easy to grow (read: pretty difficult to kill) AND take the time to give you pointers on how to look after them too. There’s another Forest branch in Deptford and you can find them online serving up one of London’s best plant delivery services too.

Botanique Workshop



You know all those riotous green-filled interiors spamming your Pinterest? The ones you sigh as you scroll past thinking “one day”. Well, Botanique is here to help today be that day. 

The big hitters are all there – Monsteras, Strings of Hearts, leafy ferns and succulents – and they’ll talk you through how to keep them thriving, well and happy when you get them home.

Grace & Thorn 


Grace & Thorn

Perched just at the end of Columbia Road, Grace & Thorn is a botanical dream. This Shoreditch plant shop will help you greenify your home. 

These guys are the plant growing maestros – so much so that they’ve even got a book on “How Not to Kill Your Plants” – don’t be all egotistic, you probably need it to avoid the “oh no! I’ve killed my baby houseplant” wailing that always comes about sooner or later.

Clifton Nurseries 

Maida Vale

Clifton Nurseries

With the ever-increasing wave of uber-trendy and Instagrammable AF indoor plant shops in London, it’s easy to forget old stalwarts like Clifton Nurseries

You shouldn’t though, this is London’s oldest garden centre – opened to help Victorians get adventurous in the garden and aiding every generation ever since. 

Don’t worry – as well as outdoor plants, there are plenty that will thrive indoors too.

Petersham Nurseries 


Wisteria hanging from the ceiling, flowers poking out of every available space – Petersham Nurseries is a vibe we’re willing to roll with. 

It’s very firmly on the green-fingered Londoner’s map, so don’t expect it to be empty. That said, its infallibly calm aura makes for a particularly zen shopping experience… particularly when you can finish up with a meal in their Michelin-starred restaurant (you really do deserve it). 

The Chelsea Gardener


Like a pimped-up garden centre, this Chelsea plant shop sells all the houseplants you could ever need. 

Throughout the year the conservatory offers up a collection of Orchids, Bonsais, and Cacti, alongside Citrus trees and Succulents. And the offerings only get extra-magical at Christmas-time.

City Flora & Plants


With a huge focus on gardening and the cultivation of plants, City Flora & Plants is one of our favourite London plant shops. Vijitha and her daughter Luckmini run this gorgeous store, which is situated on Shoreditch’s Old Street.

Not only do they offer a huge variety of species, but the aftercare options are second-to-none – the staff are always on hand to answer questions from panicking plant parents.

Honourable Mention – Columbia Road


Columbia Road Flower Market

No, it’s not a shop but we’re giving Shoreditch’s Columbia Road Flower Market in Shoreditch an honourable mention because it’s peak plant-power London. 

There’s nothing better than bustling between the market stalls on a Sunday, picking up more plants and flowers than you can carry and always eyeing up just one more.

The London House Plant Guide: Map 

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