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Best Pilates Studios and Classes in London

Best Pilates Studios and Classes in London

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When it comes to Pilates studios, London isn’t short on options… Work on your core and get strong at these outstanding pilates studios in the city. 

Since its creation in the late 19th century, millions of people across the world have taken to Pilates for strengthening and toning their bodies. 

There’s nothing old-school about these London pilates studios though, all of which boast contemporary spaces and the highest-quality classes.  

If you’re looking to up your Pilates game, these are the places to start. 

Best Pilates Studios & Classes in London

The Yoga Bar 


New London Pilates hotspot The Yoga Bar offers in-person and virtual yoga, Pilates, and barre classes. 

 It’s a great place to learn Pilates while feeling safe and supported in your journey, with a range of professional instructors who will push you to your very best. 

The studio features an island aesthetic specifically chosen to calm your mind, body, and soul while you work out. 

If you prefer, one-on-one classes are available by request.


Shoreditch, King’s Cross, Victoria

Frame is a fun-loving studio with an emphasis on reformer Pilates classes. They offer four different types of classes, ranging from a lower impact version of reformer Pilates to a higher intensity dynamic reformer class. 

The dynamic classes create a more cardio-focused class versus traditional, slow-paced Pilates classes. Online booking is available and easy for anyone to use. 

Pilates Vida London

South Kensington

Pilates Vida London offers classes in private sessions, duo sessions, and group sessions. These classes use the Pilates reformers for varying types of classes with different emphasis.

One of the more popular options is the Pilates class with jump boards for cardio enthusiasts! If you are new to pilates, the studio does require that you take a few private lessons first. 


Shoreditch, Clapton 

With two London locations, Blok is one of the city’s go-to Pilates spots (although they cover a much wider gamut of classes too). 

Fans particularly rave about the Clapton location, set in a cool, converted warehouse space that looks every inch the part. 

Blok’s mat Pilates classes will see you working up a sweat as you push yourself to your best. Unlike some other London Pilates spots, they’re very beginner-friendly and they boast some of the best soundtracks to your workouts in town. 

Core Kensington


Core Kensington is a Pilates studio with only a few reformers, so it’s the perfect choice for those of you who like smaller class sizes. 

They offer basic classes, intermediate reformer classes, advanced reformer classes, open level classes, and power reformer classes. In other words, whichever level you’re at, there’s going to be something here for you. 

Exhale Pilates

Primrose Hill, North Finchley

Exhale Pilates offers virtual and in-studio Pilates classes aimed at teaching classical Pilates. Their studios welcome anyone from beginners to professionals and they keep their classes small for maximum instruction. 

Exhale Pilates London has been featured in publications like Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, and Vogue for their outstanding services.


City of London 

FLY LDN is a boutique Pilates studio specialising in dynamic Pilates classes smack bang in the heart of the City. 

We’ll level with you – these classes are tough… but achieve results. 

Find yourself seeking a bit of distraction from the burn during your classes? FLY LDN’s large green screen wall will transport you to pastures new as you work out.

The Refinery


The Refinery is another Pilates studio for those who are into the boutique setting and fun atmosphere. 

Achingly cool and boasting a quality of classes that few other studios can dream of, it’s little wonder that The Refinery has been a long-time favourite of London’s Pilates crew. 

Their Pilates classes vary from the classical mat Pilates to the dynamic Mattitude classes that are more cardio intense. No more than 12 people are in a class at once, and there’s even a studio dog. 

Bootcamp Pilates

Richmond, Notting Hill 

Bootcamp Pilates focuses on dynamic reformer Pilates classes. 

Promising that you’re only 50 minutes away from the best body of your life, Bootcamp Pilates has no qualms about its results-focused approach that will have you sweating under the watchful eye of their expert trainers. 

You can expect dynamic movements that increase strength, flexibility, and posture throughout each class. Prepare for the burn. 


Multiple locations

Heartcore is a branch of a larger company with locations worldwide. They offer in-studio and online Pilates classes and there is something for every skill level. They strive to achieve peace and relaxation while also working out the body to improve strength and tone. Booking online is a breeze. 

The seven studios in London are located in Bayswater, Chelsea, Fulham, Hampstead, Kensington, Notting Hill, St John’s Wood

Ten Health & Fitness

Multiple locations

With ten London locations alone, Ten Health & Fitness is one of the giants of London’s Pilates studio scene. 

Don’t let the size put you off either - their Pilates-focused studios do not compromise on quality. Offering reformer Pilates classes from beginner to advanced levels in a gym setting that values energy and positivity, it’s a London favourite. 

They offer jump board classes and Pilates circuits as well as other fitness classes and massages

10 locations throughout the London area: Chiswick, City, Fitzrovia, Hatton Garden, Little Venice, Mayfair, Notting Hill, Notting Hill Gate, St. James, Tottenham Court Road. 

Practical Tips for Trying Out London’s Pilates Studios

Diving headfirst into Pilates can be daunting. If you have never done a Pilates class before, there can be a lot you feel you need to learn. However, Pilates, especially mat Pilates, is a very user-friendly activity. 

The Pilates reformer classes might take a little getting used to, but you will get the hang of it with some practice! 

If you are a first-timer or want to try a new studio, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • If it is your first time with a Pilates workout, opt for a studio that offers low-cost or free evaluations to show you how to use the equipment and the basics of Pilates. 
  • Research the price point and the type of atmosphere a studio has before trying out a class. 
  • Arrive a few minutes early for proper introductions to the studio.
  • Adhere to the rules of the studio as each one is different.
  • Feel free to try out many! There is something for everyone, so don’t stop looking until you find your place. 

London Pilates Studios: Map

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