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The Ultimate London Quiz – How Well Do You Really Know London?

The Ultimate London Quiz – How Well Do You Really Know London?

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Think you know London? We’ve devised this devilishly difficult London quiz that will put your London knowledge to the test. 

We hope you’ve been brushing up on your London knowledge. There’s only one way to find out – 33 totally random questions to separate the London know-it-alls from the wannabes. 

Give it a whizz.

London Quiz Questions


  1. In which year was Buckingham Palace built? (half a point for the correct century)
  2. Which popular museum opens for candlelit tours on the first Tuesday of the month? 
  3. Where did the Great Fire of London start? 
  4. Which country donates the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree each year as a thanks for British efforts in WWII?
  5. How many governments in exile based themselves in London in World War II?
  6. Name the two famous Kray twins
  7. What’s the airport code for London Heathrow?
  8. Which tube line terminates at West Ruislip?
  9. Name the Home Counties bordering London 
  10. What’s the real name of the Walkie Talkie building? 
  11. How many ravens are there in the Tower of London 
  12. Where would you find King Henry’s Mound? 
  13. How many people died in the Great Fire of London?
  14. In which year did the Thames Barrier open?
  15. Which famous architect was responsible for designing much of Regent’s Park?
  16. What nickname is given to the Central Criminal Court?
  17. What was The Monument built to commemorate?
  18. Which sport is played at Lord’s?
  19. Which London Underground station is named after a football team?
  20. Which is the only train station with entrances on both sides of the River Thames?
  21. Which famous talkshow host was born in the London Underground?
  22. In which decade did the last execution take place in the Tower of London? 
  23. In which London park will you find a private pet cemetery?
  24. In which borough would you find Pentonville prison?
  25. St Paul’s Cathedral was the tallest building in London until which decade?
  26. If Big Ben is the bell, what’s the name of the tower?
  27. Scotch eggs aren’t Scottish. Which famous London brand invented them?
  28. What is the name of the decommissioned naval ship moored at Queens Walk?
  29. What London neighbourhood did Charlie Chaplain grow up in? 
  30. At what London landmark is it illegal to feed pigeons? 
  31. What year did St. James’ Park become home to Pelicans?
  32. What body part can you find hidden on walls around Soho?
  33. What is it illegal to wear in the houses of parliament 


  1. 1703 (half a point for 18th century) 
  2. Sir John Soane’s Museum 
  3. Pudding Lane 
  4. Norway 
  5. Eight 
  6. Ronald (Ronnie) and Reginald (Reggie)
  7. LHR
  8. Central Line 
  9. Essex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Kent, Surrey, Hertfordshire 
  10. 20 Fenchurch Street
  11. Seven
  12. Richmond Park 
  13. Six 
  14. 1982
  15. John Nash 
  16. The Old Bailey  
  17. The Great Fire of London 
  18. Cricket 
  19. Arsenal 
  20. Blackfriars
  21. Jerry Springer
  22. 1940s (1941)
  23. Hyde Park 
  24. Islington 
  25. 1960s (1963) 
  26. Elizabeth Tower 
  27. Fortnam and Mason
  28. HMS Belfast 
  29. Walworth 
  30. Trafalgar Square
  31. 1664
  32. Noses
  33. A suit of armour

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