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The 24 Best Restaurants in London Bridge

The 24 Best Restaurants in London Bridge

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Planning to dine in London Bridge and looking for a fabulous place to eat? Here’s where to start. 

The area around London Bridge is packed with restaurants and fabulous food markets. Only question is… where do you start? 

There’s no shortage of exceptional eateries – from laidback haunts like Elliots to Michelin-starred delights in the form of Korean-inspired tasting menus at Solip, and traditional tacos like you’ve not experienced them before at Santo Remedio, you’re in for a treat. 

Oh, and that’s before we even mention the sky-high dining option in The Shard (and a hint for how to eat there on the cheap). 

This guide walks you through 24 of the best restaurants in London Bridge plus five food hotspots in the area. Let’s go.

Best Restaurants in London Bridge 

Santo Remedio

Santo Remedio - Edson & Natalie

Santo Remedio is a restaurant we love. That’s because they do more than just serve up cooking to turn a profit. They’re actually proponents of traditional Mexican cooking styles that are in danger of being lost. 

Yep, that’s right. The cooking styles they use have been declared an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO. 

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. You’ll recognise most of what you’re eating, molés and tacos predominantly, but you’ll notice that the flavours in these things are distinct and unique – like no other Mexican food you’ve tried in London we’re willing to wager. 


Pasta at Padella

Prepare to do a double take at the prices on this menu – in a good way. 

In a city that’s not afraid to charge double digits for cereal, incredible pasta from £9 (yes, you read that right) is a serious delight. Even Padella’s more lavish options like ravioli with ricotta and sage butter are gentle on the wallet, making this place more than worthy of a spot on our London Bridge food guide.

As you’d probably expect, great food + great prices = serious popularity. Seats at Padella are in high demand. What’s more, they don’t take bookings, so be prepared for a wait. Get there after 7.30pm and your chances of snagging a table for that evening are pretty much nil. 

The good news is that once they take your name and number and put you on the waiting list, you’re free to go for a pint at a good pub nearby and come back when your table is ready. 

El Pastor

El Pastor
El Pastor

If you’ve ever been to Mexico (or spent as much time obsessing over Mexican food as we have), you’ll know all about the deliciousness that is a perfectly prepared taco or quesadilla.

Want to savour some authentic Mexican flavours? Pay a visit to El Pastor – London Bridge’s resident  Mexican taqueria.

After ten years living in Mexico City, the owners decided to bring delicious Mexican food to the heart of London Bridge. They do it using traditional techniques and specialist taco cornflower to get the flavours as close to their Mexican origin as possible. 

There’s a mouthwatering selection of tacos and quesadillas. Can’t make a decision? They also do share plates so you can sample a few dishes.

We’re all about the delicious Cochinita Pibil, a Yucatan classic that’s almost too good to share.


Step off of lively Bermondsey Street and into a Barcelona-esque tapas bar, Jose and it turns out, you don’t even need to cross the Channel to sample some amazing Spanish delights.

As you sit down at the super-stylish bar (no reservations here – it’s walk-in only), a menu full of Spanish classics appears. Think patatas bravas, Jamon Iberico and deep-fried baby squid. Yum.

It comes as no surprise that head chef Jose Pizarro was inspired by his hometown of Barcelona when opening this place – you can see the passion through and through.

The result is an amazing, authentic eatery that is one of our favourite places to eat in the neighbourhood and one we find ourselves returning to often.

Flour & Grape 

Flour & Grape

The Fabulous Flour & Grape features a simple offering: great pasta and great wine. And c’mon, that is a pretty excellent pairing.

This bustling Bermondsey Street restaurant is famous for handcrafted pasta. If you’re used to the pre-bagged stuff you buy from the supermarket – prepare your tastebuds. Here, the emphasis is on fresh, simple food where the quality of the produce speaks for itself.

This philosophy comes to a head in a really nice monkfish linguine they do, super simple and super fresh, and one we recommend you order. 

What’s the only thing that’s better than delicious, fresh pasta? Fresh pasta paired with amazing Italian wine, of course. 

Make sure you get at least a glass or two. If you’re not confident doing your own pairing, the wait staff will be more than happy to help out. 

Oh, and be warned. This is another spot that gets busy. 

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We get pretty tired of people turning their noses up at British cooking. If you’re the kind of person who’s unimpressed with what this country has to offer, you probably haven’t eaten enough of it, or you probably haven’t eaten at Elliot’s

This restaurant seems to us the epitome of a London Bridge restaurant: cool and hip, unpretentious and doing the kind of laid-back, fun cooking that puts a smile on your face. 

Elliot’s as we’ve said elsewhere in our guides, do this well. Our top pick from their menu are these little cheese puffs. Order a plate for sure (you’ll probably be back for seconds) and try out their mini pizzas. 

Make sure you get a bottle of something nice to go with it all. The wine is all pretty contemporary – don’t expect any classic vintages – but the waiting staff know all about it and will point you in the right direction. 

Tapas Brindisa 

Tapas Brindisa

Because you can never have enough tapas, right?

Another of our favourite eateries near London Bridge, Tapas Brindisa is tucked away in Borough Market. Because you can never have enough tapas, right? 

When it opened in 2004, it was the first traditional, no-reservations tapas bar in London. Today, everyone’s taking up the example they set, and these folks are still going strong in their original Borough Market location.

It’s no wonder – their simple commitment to delicious food (and sherry) keeps you returning again and again – preferably in the company of good friends, to enjoy a little too much cheese and Jamon, and maybe a little too much sherry to boot.

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Bar Douro 

Bar Duoro

Yet another destination on the culinary adventure that is London Bridge is the Portuguese-inspired Bar Douro.

It has all the ingredients (pun intended) for a perfect Portuguese meal. Firstly, there’s the gorgeous decor complete with blue tiles – very Pinterest-worthy.

Then there’s the amazing food, of course. Drawing on his Portuguese heritage, owner Max Graham has created a menu that pays homage to the best tastes of his homeland in classic dishes like a delectable octopus with sweet potato.

None of it, though, would make an exceptional Portuguese meal without some fabulous wine to accompany. There’s plenty on offer at Bar Douro – much of it from the region of Douro that gives the bar its name. 

The place itself is made up of a cute and cosy thirty-seat bar area, but bigger groups can dine in the wine cellar. Count us in for that.


Bancone shot to popularity in London during the craze of making pasta and serving it cheap. 

Padella and Flower & Grape are two more places in this guide that fit that bill, but Bancone got some serious recognition for their food, sweeping up a Bib Gourmand award for great-value cooking from the Michelin man. 

The London Bridge version is their second restaurant. The perks of eating at this place are that you won’t have to battle the queues of the original location. You will still get great cooking, and great wine at a price that’s so reasonable it almost feels like stealing. 

Casa do Frango 

Casa do Frango
Casa do Frango

If the mention of ‘piri piri chicken’ makes you think ‘Nandos’, we need to talk. 

Hey, we love the occasional cheeky Nandos as much as the rest of the UK – but you really need to experience the magic that is real Portuguese piri piri chicken.

We’re talking slow-roasted over wood charcoal with a closely-guarded secret blend of spices. Let us guess, your mouth is watering, right? If so, you’d better head over to Casa do Frango.

It doesn’t get much better than the Algarvian delights this place has on offer. The piri piri chicken is unmissable, obviously, but there’s even more to try as well. This includes amazing Portuguese wine (of course) and Portuguese tarts (of course). Not to mention a ‘Grammable interior and buzzy atmosphere. 

You can thank us later.

Champor Champor 

Champor Champor
Champor Champor

This quirky spot describes itself as ‘a total dining experience.’ And, we’re happy to report – it’s not just a hipster marketing slogan.

Serving up traditional Malay and Thai dishes, you can’t talk about Champor Champor without first mentioning the stellar food. It really is very delicious.

The cooking alone would have us coming back time and again, however, there’s even more to it. From the friendly service to the beautiful, handpicked decor, the place is unique without trying too hard.

The menu changes often, and while you might miss your soon-to-be-established faves occasionally – there is always something new and amazing to discover in its place. Book ahead. 



Have you ever chatted with your co-workers about running away and setting up your own business? Well, that’s exactly what happened for the team behind Lobos Tapas.

After seven years of working together, the ‘dream team’ decided it was high time to set up their own venture. And boy are we glad they did.

The result is a fabulous tapas bar in the arches next to Borough Market, inspired by their love of wine, food, Spain and London – all great things in our book.

The food is excellent, and with an open bar and kitchen area you can even watch it being expertly prepared. It’s all good, but the Iberico Pork Selection is pretty much to die for.

What’s more, because of the stylish design of the place (and plenty of low light) if you’re looking for a fabulous place to take that special someone, you really can’t go wrong here. 

Ting at The Shard 

If you’re after a show-stopping restaurant, it doesn’t get much better than Ting at the Shard.

Located inside one of London’s most iconic buildings, the emphasis here is on glamour and luxury. 

Even still, however, there’s a warmth about it. It’s perhaps no surprise given its name is inspired by the Chinese word for ‘living room’.

On offer is an incredible British/Asian fusion menu, all served up in eyeshot of some of London’s most spectacular views

If you’re looking to treat yourself or someone else to dinner in London Bridge – this is sure to be a winner.

We’ll let you in on a secret: if you want to try what’s on offer, but don’t want all those alarming Monzo notifications that come with it, they do a three-course ‘experience menu’ from half five to half six Monday to Thursday. It’s only £85. 

Casse Croute 

Despite our cross-Channel rivalry, even us Londoners have to admit the French know a thing or two about food. And by that we mean that French food is totally and utterly divine.

If you’re looking to sample authentic French fare in the British capital, you’d better make for Casse Croute. When we’re in the mood for French dining, this is one of our top go-to places.

The menu here is proudly French – and we don’t mean just the food on offer, which changes regularly. 

No, the menu is literally written in French – so you’d better whip out Google Translate, or just take a chance. Everything is delicious, so you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper French meal without a delicious vin – the wine list here is as great as you’d expect, so don’t forget to order a glass (or a bottle).

Bar Tozino 

Bar Tozino
Bar Tozino

Underneath the iconic arches of Maltby Street you’ll find Bar Tozino, a humble little tapas bar that’s well on its way to becoming an icon of its own.

We love a bar that makes you forget the outside world for a while, and Bar Tozino is that kind of place. Think dimly lit lighting, hardwood furniture and no small amount of Spanish charm.

While London is full of places offering all kinds of crazy and complicated dishes, Bar Tozino keeps things simple. Wine, and jamon.

What more do you need, really? Add in some decent company and you’ve got the recipe for a great evening if you ask us. Or any of the fans of this picturesque little Bermondsey bar and tapas joint.

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The Coal Shed 

The Coal Shed
The Coal Shed

Meat, fish, fire. One thing is for sure – The Coal Shed is straight to the point, serving up uncomplicated yet delicious dishes – dishes of meat and fish cooked over the fire, of course.

When it comes to preparing amazing food, the Coal Shed doesn’t rely on an abundance of flavours or ingredients. Instead, it allows the quality of their hand-selected steak and seafood to shine through.

The result is some of the best steak you’ll ever eat in your life (fact) as well as absolutely scrumptious seafood as well.

The menu changes often to take advantage of the season’s best produce, so don’t be fooled into thinking the choices might get repetitive.

Their midday menu is one of the best lunches in London Bridge, offering up great flavour and value for money. They’re also a great choice if you’re off to the theatre nearby.

Boro Bistro

Earning points for style alone, this restaurant sits in a pretty location underneath Southwark Cathedral. Modern French cuisine is served up at Boro Bistro – think Parisian-style tapas and hefty burgers that wouldn’t look too out of place in an upmarket American joint.

The smoked pulled pork with tomato and mixed leaf salad in a toasted brioche bun is a prime example of that. So is the fact that they’ve got a monster menu of craft brews to choose from. 

Mouthwatering dishes paired with a generous array of craft beer? Boro Bistro was always going to be a winner with us.

Flat Iron

It feels like a lifetime ago since Flat Iron went viral on TikTok – but don’t let that put you off. No London Bridge food guide would be complete without it.

Apart from a cheeky cheeseburger, there’s only one main on the menu – steak – and when a restaurant is brave enough to only boast one dish, you know it’s gotta be good. 

Luckily, Flat Iron lives up to the hype: the steak is delicious, the service is exemplary, and the sides are divine. Go for the dripping-cooked chips and the mash and you’ll be very, very pleased.

Oh, and the complimentary ice cream only helps to sweeten the deal.


Nestled on the edge of Borough Market, it’s hard to miss the pretty glass exterior of Fish! Since opening in 1999 their philosophy has remained simple – they serve up great seafood cooked right before your eyes. 

The fish comes directly from Jarvis the Fishmonger, who’s a little bit of a legend within the food industry in London – he’s responsible for some of the tastiest fish at many of the capital’s restaurants.

Anything on the menu is guaranteed to be fresh and delicious, though the dressed crab with sourdough and mayonnaise is a worthy winner. Our top tip, if the weather is nice, grab your meal to go and take it down to the river nearby for a view of the city with your meal.


Credit: Ozlem Dinc

Holder of one Michelin star and home to some pretty sublime cooking, allow us to introduce Trivet. The restaurant was founded by an ex-head chef and ex-head sommelier of none other than Heston’s Fat Duck. 

They don’t bring any of his food theatre to the table but they do bring an attention to detail and a love of artful cooking that’s sometimes so pretty you don’t want to touch it. Don’t be silly, dig in. This cooking is some of the best in the area. 

On that note, you should be aware that getting a table here is not easy. You’ll pretty much need to book ahead every time. Just remember, there’s a reason for that.  

Wright Brothers  

Wright Brothers Oyster and Porter

There are plenty of good places to grab seafood dinners in the London Bridge area. Few of them will serve you as well as Wright Brothers does though. 

The fish they serve here is exquisitely fresh. They have a specialist team of buyers whose job it is to pick up the newest catch’s finest and get it to the kitchen on time for service. 

What the chefs create out of these ingredients has never let us down before and we doubt you’ll have anything but the same experience. 

There’s this Moules Marinière on their menu that we pretty much can’t keep away from, but branch out a bit if you fancy. Oh, and make sure you get some oysters. They dress them in some very creative styles – the Japanese dressing? Bellissimo. 


One of the best Sri Lankan restaurants in London is Rambutan. It’s the debut restaurant by Sri Lankan cookbook author, Cynthia Shanmugalingam and since opening, has fast become a mainstay of dining in the area. 

Expect to feast on the rich and slightly sour curries of Tamil in northern Sri Lanka, deliciously prepared seafood dishes that use top-quality British produce, and to wash it down with the bar’s signature cocktails: Banana Negroni anyone?

The atmosphere is relaxed and the place is usually packed with excited diners – a mood that seems to rub off on us every time we visit. 


If you’re after some truly exquisite food, you should get yourself a table at Solip. The restaurant blends European fine dining with Korean techniques, ingredients and flavours in some pretty spectacular ways. 

Stunning plates of lamb served with doenjang and wild garlic, kimchi fried crab and courgette flowers. Daikon Tarte Tatin!

All meals served here are done as tasting menus (which also fully cater to vegetarians), so know that you’re getting yourself in for an experience and prepare for the fact it’s one you’re likely to keep with you for a long time.

Burger and Beyond

Not all the places in London Bridge have to be about sampling up-market takes on foreign cuisines. There’s also room for the humble burger, well, there would be if you could call the burgers at Burger and Beyond humble. 

They’re simply bursting with flavour, much of it coming from the dry-aged beef they make their patties with. Then there’s the marrownaise (yes, bone marrow mayonnaise) they spread on the buns. 

Oh, and the monster portions of pimped-out tater tots and spiked iced teas. Yep, none of it’s humble. It is though, absolutely killer.  

More Food Hotspots in London Bridge 

Food markets in London Bridge are kind of legendary. Of course there’s the ultra-iconic Borough Market, but there’s even more if you’re looking for a great place to eat in London Bridge.

Borough Market 

The French Comte
The French Comte

If you’ve got a food-loving bone in your body, chances are you’ve heard a thing or two about Borough Market

It’s an absolute London institution with an incredible history. With origins that can be traced back to the 12th century, it’s been the go-to for retail and wholesale food for literally centuries.

Even after all this time, what’s on offer is still delighting Londoners. As well as picking up some amazing ingredients for your own dishes, there’s also plenty of ready-made deliciousness on offer.

From the Levantine-inspired dishes of Arabica Kitchen to the British classic of a scotch egg served up at Scotchtails, there’s pretty much no better place if you’re looking for delicious things to eat in the area.

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Flat Iron Square 

Burger from Edu at Flat Iron Square
Burger from Edu at Flat Iron Square

Life around London Bridge can get pretty hectic, so it’s nice to have a spot to stop and feel some quirky London community spirit. 

That’s what’s on offer at Flat Iron Square, the self-declared “loveliest cultural hub” in London.

First and foremost it’s a street food market, meaning it’s one of the best spots for affordable and delicious food near London Bridge. There’s a great selection of stalls, like the amazing Tatami Ramen (no prizes for guessing what’s on offer there).

There’s more than just great food, however. There are also frequent live events including music and performance art, and there are also a number of pop-up bars too.

Read our guide to visiting Flat Iron Square

Vinegar Yard 

Vinegar Yard
Vinegar Yard

If you love the vibes at funky Flat Iron Square then you’re sure to be thrilled at their sister market, Vinegar Yard.

Not far away, this space has been converted into another fabulous food/drink/more market. Amongst the sea of tasty offerings, we’ve got to admit we’re kind of obsessed with the Indian-inspired burgers at Baba G’s.

While you enjoy your food, chances are you’ll be able to catch some live music, or at least just soak in the buzzing atmosphere.

It’s also just two minutes from the tube and train stops, making it a great choice if you’re looking for restaurants near London Bridge station.

London Bridge Farmer’s Market

It seems the entire world has gone a little mad for farmer’s markets, and London Bridge is no exception. 

Held every Tuesday between 9am and 2pm, you’ll find the London Bridge Farmer’s Market at Memorial Arch Square.

While this is a great place to shop for fruit and veg, there are also plenty of food stalls if you’re not keen on the “DIY” route.

You can always grab a bite to eat – we recommend ‘I love Moussaka’ (indeed we do) – and sit yourself down for a picnic in the park.

Although some traders accept card, we recommend bringing some cash so there are no food-related disappointments or mad dashes to a cash machine.

Mercato Metropolitano 

Coffee ice cream at Badiani
Coffee ice cream at Badiani

If there’s one thing we know about London, it’s that a building doesn’t stay crumbling and disused for long. It’s only a matter of time before a dynamic Londoner cooks up something amazing to fill it with.

In the case of an old paper factory on Newington Causeway, that amazing thing is Mercato Metropolitano.

This venture saw the factory converted into an amazing space offering food stalls, microbreweries, distilleries and more. 

The food on offer here is described as “glocal” – globally inspired, locally sourced. The result is amazing flavours from all over the world and a food court with more choice than you probably want.

As well as food, Mercato Metropolitano also hosts regular events from live music concerts to cooking classes. 

It is a bit further away from London Bridge (a 10-minute walk) than some of the other spots in this guide, but it is worth the effort.

London Bridge Restaurant Guide: Map 

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