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Maltby Street Market – Bermondsey’s Brilliant Food Market

Maltby Street Market –  Bermondsey’s Brilliant Food Market

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Maltby Street Market in Bermondsey is one of London’s coolest food markets. Planning your trip? Here’s what you need to know.

I’m about to commit London blasphemy with my next words. Forget about Borough Market, Maltby Street Market is the foodie market that I’m losing my sh*t over these days.

It’s not the biggest market, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in food glorious food. A tightly curated set of some of the city’s best street food vendors is all it takes to make your tastebuds sing.

Want a few words of advice (warning: you’re going to get them whether you want them or not). Go very, very hungry.

Here’s one reason why.  

Cheese Sandwich at Maltby Street

Why Should I Visit Maltby Street Market? What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

Frequenting London’s food markets is pretty much a city-wide obsession, for both visitors and locals to the capital. There’s nothing I love more than waking up at the weekend and planning my day around gorging on some of the city’s tastiest (and most affordable) dishes.

There’s something about unleashing your inner Jamie Oliver and heading off in search of fantastical ingredients that just delights Londoners and I’m guessing that you’re no exception either.

Add in a healthy mix of street food stalls, delectable restaurants and a festive atmosphere, and there are few better ways to spend a weekend.

Maltby Street Market

Of all of London’s markets, Maltby Street Market is one of my favourites. If you love to make or eat delicious food (and really, who doesn’t) – you just can’t miss it.

You will have heard of Borough Market, London’s most famous food market. I love it too, but even for an experienced Londoner, the crowds can be pretty overwhelming. So too can be the choice of weird and wonderful produce.

So imagine a version of Borough Market that focuses on street food stalls, has a super-cute location and only has a fraction of the crowds. That would sound pretty dreamy right? Welcome to Maltby Street Market.

It’s the kind of market where you’re rubbing shoulders with other Londoners – rather than every tourist in the city.

Plus, there are fewer food stalls than at Borough (if you’ve ever been struck with the crippling indecision of trying to work out which of 900 food stalls to eat from, you can only understand why this is a good thing) – but no less quality. Sounding good.

I also love the look of the Maltby Street Market, also known as Ropewalk Market. Nestled next to the Victorian railway arches, it’s got a quirky yet beautiful look that’s very London.

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Where is Maltby Street Market?

As the name suggests, Maltby Street Market is located on, well, Maltby Street.

You’ll find it in Bermondsey, an up-and-coming area in south east London. This is an area that is on the rise, and it gets more and more lively week on week – in no small thanks to Maltby Street and Bermondsey’s epic Beer Mile, which is packed with craft breweries with a few indie distilleries thrown in for good measure.

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Maltby Street Market Food Guide – Top 10 Stalls You Shouldn’t Miss in the Bermondsey Market

Bad Brownie

Bad Brownie

Nothing that tastes this good can be bad, right?

At least that’s what you’ll be telling yourself after one bite of these delicious, gooey brownies.

The culinary geniuses behind this Maltby Street Market icon are definitely fans of the “more is more” approach. Think chocolate, caramel, wafers and everything else delicious all crammed into one seriously amazing brownie.

Bad Brownie leaves behind the perfect Instagram aesthetic and instead goes for a full-on assault of sugar.

They may not look the best but they are seriously delicious. And I seriously approve.

Waffle On

Waffle On

What’s the best way to tempt yourself out of bed for an early morning trip to the Maltby Street Market?

The prospect of some delicious waffles, that’s what.

Luckily, Maltby Street Market stalwart Waffle On more than fits the bill. For more than seven years, they’ve been serving up deliciously indulgent waffles to market goers.

While Dorset cream is a staple in their homemade recipe, they also serve up delicious vegan waffles as well.

The Cheese Truck

Cheese truck

The humble cheese toastie has come a long way, from modest comfort food your ma used to shut you up when you were a kid to genuine foodie favourite.

The Cheese Truck is undoubtedly at the forefront of toastie excellence, serving up mouthwatering toasties from their vintage truck. They’re true Bermondsey street food legends.

After conquering London, they explored the rest of the UK, stopping in at festivals including the world-famous Glastonbury. Not content with conquering Britain, they took their delicious toasties international, getting as far as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

I mean really, who in the world doesn’t like toasties?

Find out what all the fuss is about and check it out at the Maltby Street Market.


Devi’s describes itself as “a plant focused, female-led food concept, honouring flavours of the Silk Road.”

Ah, yes please!

Paying tribute to her Indo-Persian heritage, the brains behind Devi’s, Tanya Gohil, serves up incredible dishes using flavours and spices from North Africa, the Middle East, Persia and India.

The result is not only absolutely delicious, but also a fitting tribute to the women who taught her to make and love amazing food.

Devi’s also pays it forward by employing a majority female team and reinvesting profits into female empowerment projects. Now that’s guilt-free dining.

La Pepiá

When you see a really big queue around a fairly humble red marquee tent, chances are you’ve found La Pepiá.

This Maltby Street Market favourite is a Venezuelan street food kitchen serving up Arepas that are truly to die for.

For an extra London edge, go for the brightly-coloured rainbow Arepas… they look great on the ‘gram.

There’s also a hidden meaning behind the brightly coloured Venezuelan classics. Owner Joel Ferrera pioneered them out of a desire to spread positivity about Venezuela, after fleeing the economic crisis in 2016.

As if you needed anything more to love about this Maltby Street fave, they also do plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, and all ingredients are gluten free.

Gyoza Guys

The Gyoza Guys

Gyoza Guys’ dumplings are so delicious, they’ve had to employ a “no sharing” rule to stop disputes.

It’s no wonder… one taste of these mouthwatering gyoza and you’ll certainly be wanting to keep them all to yourself.

They’re glassic gyoza with a bit of a twist, employing delicious sauces and sides to take these dumplings to the next level.

If gyoza aren’t your thing (shock horror), then perhaps you can be tempted by some alternatives like pho, bibimbap or bun cha salad.

Finest Fayre

If you’re looking to experience a true British culinary icon, you’ve just got to try the scotch eggs from Finest Fayre.

For the uninitiated, a scotch egg is a hard-boiled egg, rolled in sausage meat and bread crumbs before being deep-fried. Delicious.

No, seriously – you’ve got to try one.

There’s no better place to meet this true icon than at Finest Fayre, Maltby Street Market stall that’s been serving up British classics for years.

For those looking to branch out, there are also other comfort foods like breakfast muffins and salads… but really, the scotch eggs are where it’s at.

The Beefsteaks

The Beefsteaks

It’s a steak sandwich, but it’s no ordinary steak sandwich on offer from The Beefsteaks.

Found Alex Pashby has taken the idea of the humble steak sandwich and turned it gourmet, using only the best cuts of meat and delectable herbs and sauces.

The result is quality you’d expect from a restaurant… at prices you’d expect from a street market stall. Yep, carnivores will love this one – and so will your wallet.

It’s not just the steak that’s quality is impeccable – the hand-cut, never frozen chips are also delish.

Return to Shashamane

In terms of unusual food combinations, Return to Shashamane’s signature vegan Ethiopian/Romanian is up there.

Proving just because it’s not done often doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done, it’s absolutely scrumptious.

The result is tasty, filling vegan meals that have an emphasis on simple flavours and preparation.

Vegans will love it and carnivores may just be converted – make sure you don’t miss this one.

African Volcano

Hot sauce is a great addition to just about any meal, and they don’t get much better than those on offer at African Volcano.

South African-born Grant Hawthorne was inspired to start creating amazing hot sauces when he was gifted a traditional recipe by a lady from Mozambique back in the early 2000s.

Since then, he’s been crafting up fabulous and fiery hot sauces to tantalise your tastebuds (and possibly bring tears to your eyes).

African Volcano has been trading at Maltby Street Market for five years, and has cemented itself as one of the best-loved stalls. Be sure to stop by for a taste – and see how hot you can go!

Eating at Maltby Street’s Restaurants

Bar Tozino

Bar Tozino

Step out of the hustle and bustle of South East London and into a tucked-away Spanish bodega.

As you’d expect, Bar Tozino offers exceptional wine and mouth-wateringly good jamón – that’s the dried ham that’s one of Spain’s most beloved exports.

This little bar oozes charm and charisma, so pull up a chair and settle in to enjoy the finest things in life.

40 Maltby Street

It’s not easy to stand out amongst dozens of street food stalls and restaurants, but 40 Maltby Street achieves it.

I’d like to make a recommendation for you – but there’s literally no menu here. The meals on offer are made up and scribbled on the chalkboard depending on what ingredients are available daily.

The result is an ever-changing but always awesome menu that’s full of surprises.

They’re also seriously into their wine (you’d expect so – it’s in the warehouse of Gergovie Wines), so you can expect a fabulous list that pairs beautifully with the food.


This charming Argentinian restaurant was a Bermondsey hotspot well before Bermondsey was cool. In fact, it even predates the Maltby Street Market.

For over a decade, Constancia has been serving up delicious Argentinian fare using authentic family recipes and approaches.

It’s a carnivore’s delight, with an emphasis on delicious steaks cooked in the traditional Argentinian parilla (barbecue). If you can’t decide on a meal, try the mixed meat platter for a little taste of the best on offer.

Don’t forget to pair it with a Malbec from Mendoza.

Little Bird Gin

Little Bird Gin

There’s no more classic accompaniment to the Maltby Street Market than gin. Luckily, Little Bird Gin certainly has that on offer.

A local London distillery, they serve up some of the best and most unique gin-based cocktails you’ll find anywhere in the English capital.

They don’t have a food menu of their own – it’s all about the gin here – however, you are welcome to bring in food from the market to enjoy with your cocktail.

You can also pop a little further down the road to find one of Maltby Street Market’s other gin hotspots – Jensen’s Distillery.

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If your visit to the Maltby Street Market has got you seeking even more culinary inspiration, head over for lunch at Omoide on nearby Bermondsey Street.

The menu is heavily inspired by Japanese cuisine, with chirashi sushi bowls and dashi. The ingredients are incredibly fresh, and you can watch it come to life right in front of your eyes.

The food is delicious and the prices are very reasonable. Even more surprising considering that head chef Angelo Sato comes from working at a string of Michelin-starred restaurants.

Well worth the walk.

Practical Tips and Information for Visiting Maltby Street

Maltby Street Opening Hours

For now, the Maltby Street Market opening hours are only on weekends. On Saturdays, it’s open from 10am to 5pm, and on Sundays it is open from 11am to 4pm.

How to Get to Maltby Street

The easiest way to get to the market is by the tube or bus. The Maltby Street Market’s nearest tube stations are London Bridge (10 minutes’ walk) and Bermondsey (11 minutes’ walk).

Maltby Street: Address and Map

37 Maltby St, London SE1 3PA

Click here for a map with the market’s location.

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