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18 Best Lebanese Restaurants in London For Levantine Feasts

18 Best Lebanese Restaurants in London For Levantine Feasts

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Are you in the mood for some of the best Lebanese food this city has to offer? These restaurants are the closest thing you’ll get to Beirut.

If you’re unfamiliar with Lebanese food, think of it as a blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours, a little like those found at Turkish restaurants

However, Lebanese food’s tastes, flavours, and textures are unique – spanning the freshness of mint, the citrusy punch of lemon to the tangy zing of sumac. 

In London there are heaps of Lebanese options to choose from. Many of them are local spots set up to service the Lebanese communities around the city, though the cuisine is so popular it’s gone on to inspire on-trend hangouts like Le Bab and Berber and Q – places that are up there with London’s most popular. 

Wherever you find it, we love this cuisine and have, for years, been leaving no stone unturned in the quest for best.

Let’s dive in.

The Best Lebanese Restaurants in London 

Massis Lebanese 


The area round Paddington and Edgware Road is almost overrun with great Lebanese restaurants. The quality of cooking among them is invariably great too, but there is one that we think sits head and shoulders above the rest and that’s Massis Lebanese

It’s shawarma that they do best. The slow-roasted meat is a far cry from the end-of-the-night slop you’ll find at your local kebbaby. It’s actually so good you can eat it at any time of the day and walk away feeling like you’ve eaten something healthy – trust us, we know this from first-hand experience. 

We love the traditional option, but if you want something new go for a massguette, the restaurant’s own creation, essentially a kebab in a baguette. It may sound a bit funny, but it really works. 


City of London

While Chamisse is an authentic Lebanese restaurant, their menu consists of subtle nods to European flavours too. The result combines the best of the East and the West under one roof. 

You’ll get the best of it by trying out a selection of hot or cold small dishes (or mezze) as appetisers. 

The cold mezze are usually vegetarian, while the hot mezze are for meat lovers – Don’t miss the lamb sambousek (delightful balls of ground lamb) and the potatoes – they’re so well seasoned in an abundance of spices. You won’t be disappointed.

You’ll have to make sure you save room for a kebab or two from their main dishes, and probably a selection of their side dishes too.

Yalla Yalla

Fitzrovia & Soho

Words cannot describe hummus we love this Lebanese restaurant. Geddit? Ok, puns aside, Yalla Yalla boasts family recipes tried and tested for generations through their grandmothers’ kitchen.

There’s something for everyone here with Lebanese burgers, wraps, platters, or a grilled meal. To top off your traditional experience, have Lebanese baklava or a Tahini Mahalabiya as a sweet treat.

Pair it with a Lebanese classic cocktail with a Middle Eastern twist – a tasty one is the Turkish delight Martini with fresh strawberries and rose water.

Palmyra’s Kitchen

Finsbury Park 

Offering a mix of Lebanese and Syrian fare, the food at Palmyra’s has a flavour that’s unique to its dishes, making it a stand-out choice in our books. 

The restaurant has a real local’s vibe. Every time we eat here (and we’ve eaten here plenty) we feel like we’re discovering a hidden gem for the first time. We usually go back for the shish taouk. Perhaps not the most adventurous choice of ours but the marinade they use really does something special. 

If you come as a group then they have a mixed grill option which would allow you to sample a bit more than just the kebab we’ve been obsessing over. That shish though…

Al Waha

Notting Hill

If you’re looking for food that is authentic and traditionally Lebanese, this restaurant is where you’ll get it.

You’ll spot Al Waha because the purple arch on Westbourne Grove catches your eye before the brewing pots and pans of Al Waha catch your other senses.

Inside you’ll find a homely atmosphere filled with soft lighting, pot plants and Arabic scripts on the walls. Their food is a vibrant mix of flavours and colours, aided by a buzzing environment. 

For the best Lebanese dishes, try their Samakeh Harrah, a spicy sea bass, or order some small plates so you can get a good sense of what they’re all about. Our rule of thumb with this place is that you can’t go wrong with anything that comes off their grill. 

Berber & Q


Okay, okay. So, Berber & Q – Shawarma Bar isn’t straight up Lebanese, but we still thought it ought to be on the list because it’s a fantastic pan Middle Eastern restaurant. 

Okay, okay. So, Berber & Q isn’t straight-up Lebanese, but we still thought it ought to be on the list because it’s a fantastic pan-Middle Eastern restaurant. 

They too know their way around a barbecue. Stop by for a smoked and grilled main with pita and salad sides. For dessert, their saffron honey ice cream mixes both spicy and sweet for an exciting combination.

There’s a nice touch of class about the place. You’ll be dining in a sleek, modern space that’s kitted out with the warm colours of Levantine design. The overall result and quality cooking makes this a great spot if you’ve got a special someone you’re looking to impress. 

Beit el Zaytoun


Boasting not just a quiet canalside location, Beit el Zaytoun also has a lovely conservatory that’s both drenched with sunlight if you’re dining at lunch and a view to pinky skies if you’re dining in the evening. 

As if that setting wasn’t enough, the chefs here turn out some excellent and very authentic Lebanese food. They are masters of hummus, mixing up an extra-garlicky take on the Middle Eastern classic. 

They also know their way around a lamb. Pretty much anything they use the meat for comes off excellently – the kastaleta, or lamb chops, especially. 

Hiba Express


Hiba Express is a family-owned restaurant in the heart of London. It offers a taste of grandmother’s kitchen by literally having her in it. 

There are a few branches of the restaurant, but at the main branch of Hiba, Grandma is the head chef. She keeps her watchful eye over 80 dishes on the menu and makes sure that everything is perfectly fragrant and delicious. 

Here you can sit down or order a takeaway for your tasty hummus and shawarma fixes. We say eat in. The restaurant is full of charm, with murals of Lebanese towns on the walls and the smell of grilled meat on the air. Oh, and we should mention the lamb shish wraps are some of the tastiest we’ve ever tried.

Note: There are no alcoholic drinks served here, but you can bring your own at a £2 corkage fee.

Le Bab


Le Bab

London’s Soho area is unique, vibrant, and full of incredible surprises for fellow foodies. Maybe that’s why Le Bab decided to set up one of their eateries here. 

This Lebanese spot offers gourmet kebabs with top Michelin-star credentials in the form of the chef’s lengthy history at Le Gavroche

Offering a mixture of flavours sourced from all over the world with a Lebanese twist, they use local meat and seasonal produce to create some extraordinary kebabs. 

Our top picks include Turkish Korean Fried Chicken and Dirty Shawarma Fries – their curated wine and craft beer list pairs well with these.

While they have many locations all over London, each with its own unique decor, the Soho location is a must-visit. 

Paramount Lebanese Kitchen 


Paddington has an array of fabulous Lebanese restaurants, but few compare to this one. Paramount Lebanese Kitchen Paddington is one of the top Lebanese restaurants in town.

It’s a great place if you’re eating with a vegetarian and is also one of the few Lebanese restaurants we know of that serve halal foods. They have a variety of dishes to try, whether you want a substantial main dish or a light wrap or salad for lunch. 

Try their apple, mint, and ginger drink for a refreshing spritz of flavour. Or, for something a bit more relaxing, they do a calming home blend tea that goes down a treat.

As the restaurant is halal, they don’t serve alcohol, but dessert is always on the menu (and you should definitely scoff the pistachio ice cream topped with Arabic candyfloss).

Maroush Beauchamp Place


This Lebanese fine-dining restaurant will do the trick if you’re looking to spice up your night in more ways than one. Maroush Beauchamp Place is in Belgravia, one of London’s most glamorous neighbourhoods and just a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace, so you’ll (almost) feel like royalty here.

The expert chefs serve both hot and cold mezze to start – their red pepper hummus is divine. Try their charcoal-grilled mains with fresh bread straight out of the oven. Or, leave the decision in the chef’s hands with their set menus for the best picks off the list.

Comptoir Libanais


Comptoir Libanais

Comptoir Libanais are one that you need on your radar. Yes, it’s a chain, but people love them and they’re popular for a reason. 

What you’ll find is probably not that authentic, it probably won’t blow your mind like Berber and Q or some of the other spots in this guide will, but what it lacks in those departments it more than makes up for with uber-fun vibes. 

Your meal will likely be washed back with a spread of cocktails or bottles of prosecco to a soundtrack of music that could have well come off your own Spotify. The result is good, fun, unpretentious dining at its best, and a restaurant you can always rely on when you’re getting the gang together for a night of laughs.  

Meza London


Meza is open all week serving up amazing mezze, but we shouldn’t be surprised, it is their speciality, after all. 

The above all come at affordable prices, and while there are mains, they are more like spreads of mezze instead of full dishes. The delicious collection of chicken skewers being case in point. 

As such, a meal here is more of a sharing experience, making it ideal for group meals. That said, the low lighting and intimate atmosphere make it a pretty solid date spot too – you just won’t be able to sample as much of the menu… 

Ishbilia Lebanese Restaurant


Ishbilia Lebanese Restaurant is another Lebanese restaurant you cannot miss. If you need a testament to its quality, know that it’s been standing strong since its opening in 1998 – the numbers don’t lie. 

While it serves many crowd favourites, its extensive menu and wonderful flavour profiles will keep you coming back for more. Standout dishes include Lahem Meshwi, tender seasoned lamb grilled over charcoal, and the fatteh hummus, a pimped-up take on the regular chickpea dish.

While many people come here for the food, they also come for the mezze bar downstairs. And if you want some peace and quiet, you can book a private dining room with a specially designed menu of your choice. We think we know what our next birthday will look like then…


Earl’s Court

Orjowan is nothing if not unique. While it is a restaurant, it is also a grillhouse and karaoke lounge – And trust us, their mouth-watering food paired with a carefully curated wine list will put you in a great mood to belt out an 80s classic.

Their menu has a good variety of meat, seafood, and vegetarian options, all of which are great. If you’re feeling indecisive, try their combination plates for a mix of everything. 

We should also put in a special word for Orjowan’s Lebanese-style pizzas: doughy flatbreads topped with an array of ingredients from the grill resulting in a pizza that’d make even an Italian jealous. 

Aline Lebanese Kitchen


Aline Lebanese Kitchen takes Lebanese comfort foods and puts a modern spin on them. The place is named after the owner’s mother and (on top of a killer menu) offers charming family-run vibes all built around the joy of enjoying a meal together

We’d say your best bet is to get stuck right in with their ‘Taste of Lebanon’ menu for a stellar deal on cold and hot mezze, mixed grill skewers, and a dessert for £35 per person. 

If you aren’t looking for the tour de force make sure you get some of the chicken skewers at least. Take it from us, they are some of the tastiest in London.

Great Lebanese Restaurants in London: Map 

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