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Le Gavroche Closing Down for Good: Say Au Revoir to a London Dining Institution

Le Gavroche Closing Down for Good: Say Au Revoir to a London Dining Institution

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London is losing one of its finest fine-dining establishments. Here’s why. 

It’s been announced that what might be one of the most influential and well-regarded restaurants in London, Le Gavroche, will be closing its doors for good after 56 years of service. 

The news comes as a blow to anyone who loves the dining scene in this city, a group we very much count ourselves as a part of. 

Credit: Jodi Hinds

Michel Roux Jr. – the driving force behind the operation – said the decision was made so that he could work on having a better work-life balance, spending more time with his family and working on other projects. 

In a quote from Roux Jr. on the restaurant’s website, the man himself said that “should Le Gavroche ever close, it must be on a high. Le Gavroche has, and continues to be, fully booked, week in, week out”. 

He also said that he’s “known for a while that I must make time for a better work/life balance, so I can spend more time with my family and on my other business ventures.” 

We can’t say we blame him on that one, though we will be very sad to see such a special restaurant go. 

The doors will close for good after a run of special events at some point in January 2024 though the final service will be toward the end of December. The exact dates haven’t yet been announced. 

What makes Le Gavroche so Special? 

Credit: Issy Croker

Many things. For one, Le Gavroche was the first restaurant in the UK to be awarded three Michelin stars – the highest award they dish out. It held them for an impressive eleven years and since has held a still-mighty two-star rating. 

The kitchen was also the training ground for many of the chefs that dominate the industry today. Think of people like Marco Pierre-White, Gordon Ramsey and Marcus Wareing (whose London flagship is also closing soon by the way) and you’d be on the right track. 

During the 56 years they’ve been running, the restaurant has been a benchmark of what good food can achieve. To put it simply, Le Gavroche is an institution. 

A Little Glimmer of Hope 

Credit: Jodi Hinds

Those of you who’re not going to be able to visit before the restaurant closes, don’t lose hope. Part of Roux Jr.’s future projects will be pop-ups under the Le Gavroche name. 

We’ll keep you posted in our weekly events guide whenever they come up. 

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