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13 Cool Saturday Markets in London

13 Cool Saturday Markets in London

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In need of some weekend plans? These Saturday markets in London are perfect for a laid-back weekend browse. 

London has so many weekend markets it almost feels like you’ll never run out of ones to choose from. 

When it comes to the best Saturday markets in London, it’s all about the big three Fs: Food, Flea, and Farmers. 

Get your cotton totes at the ready and set out to discover the city’s thriving market scene. 

The Best Saturday Markets in London 

Borough Market


Borough Market

Borough Market is the place to be for foodies. It has three main areas depending on your mission of the day. 

Crown Square and Green Market are where you’ll find big and small producers, merchants and speciality traders. Follow the fragrant aroma of spice and flavour to the last section- the Borough Market Kitchen. This is where you’ll find the sought-after street food vendors.

The market is also a great place for Potterheads as some of the blockbuster scenes were filmed here. Including scenes from Harry Potter and his friends’ favourite pub, the Leaky Cauldron. Regrettably, no Butterbeers are available.

Broadway Market


This market in Hackney is a real showstopper on Saturdays. The Victorian street market is open from 9am to 5pm. It has over 70 cafes, restaurants, and shops for you to stroll through and drop by for a bite.

Locals love this trendy spot with international food stalls that cater to all of your dietary needs. Pick up a vegan, gluten-free snack from one of the 30 stalls at the Broadway Vegan Market. 

If you visit in summer or on the rare sunny days, enjoy London Fields Park just across the road. This is a lush area to enjoy your newly bought treats.

Camden Market


Camden Market - Stables Market

Get off the tube at Camden Town and step right into this east London market this Saturday. The market is open until late, so you’ll have plenty of browsing and snacking time.

Camden Market is a string of markets and a crowd favourite among locals and tourists alike. The Camden Lock Market is a great place to stop by if you love authentic street food from all over the world. 

Buck Street Market and Stables Market are all great stops for more high-quality food stalls and alternative fashion.

Maltby Street Market


Maltby Street Market

If you love visiting food markets in London on Saturdays, this market on Maltby Street is your new favourite spot. 

It first opened in 2010. Since then, this foodie market has grown in popularity. Arrive with a full wallet and an empty stomach. You’ll definitely want to fill up after seeing these treats.

Maltby Street Market’s traders offer an array of food from all over the world with only the freshest ingredients. Have your pick from Japanese Gyoza to Ethiopian Kocho.

Portobello Road Market

Notting Hill

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market is one of the best London Saturday markets and a vintage lover’s dream. You’ll find anything from vintage clothes to collectables and antiques among these endless stalls.

On Saturdays, the market opens at 9 am and is in full swing filling with over 2000 stalls. The market space runs up Golborne Road all the way to Westbourne and Ladbroke Grove.

Be sure to come early to snag up the best one-of-a-kind vintage collectables.

Vinegar Yard 

London Bridge

Vinegar Yard

Set against the grey backdrop of central London, Vinegar Yard’s bright pop of yellow offers a cheerful welcome. It might be in the shadow of the Shard, but that doesn’t dim the light of this quaint flea market. 

Vinegar Yard is one of the flea markets in London that you cannot miss. Unlike other flea markets in the city on Saturdays, you don’t have to rummage through junk to find treasures. 

It has a curated selection of vintage and second-hand items, so all the sorting has been done for you.

After your day of shopping, enjoy a cold one at the outdoor bar in summer. In winter, you can still enjoy a pint under a tent with outdoor heating. Book in advance to secure a seat.

Spitalfields Saturday Style Market



Spitalfields Saturday Style Market opens from 11am to 5pm every Saturday. Here, you can find your next unique and cutting-edge fashion finds.

You’ll find hand-crafted original garments from a mixture of London designers. Some novices and some established in their style and craft. There are plenty of designs and styles you’ll be able to choose from.

To avoid shopping until you might quite literally drop, there are street food vendors that are open until 9.30pm.

Growing Communities Farmers Market


You don’t have to feel guilty about unnecessary packaging here because this farmer’s market is zero-waste and plastic-free

Bring your own bags, containers, and jam jars to carry your fresh produce straight from nearby farms.

This Saturday market in East London opens at 10am and runs until 2pm. You’ll be supporting local businesses and small farmers. 

It is also one of the few UK markets where all farmers are either organic or biodynamic. Can we get a big round of applause? 

Notting Hill Farmers Market

Notting Hill

There is no better place to be than at Notting Hill Market in London on Saturdays. This farmers market and colourful buildings are a must-see on a Saturday in London. It is open every Saturday from 9am to 1pm, so be sure to wake up early and get in before it closes. 

Partially hidden in an alley behind Waterstones, Notting Hill Market is one of London’s secret treasures. It’s not such a big secret to locals, though, because they start queuing early outside to pick up the freshest ingredients and artisan creations.

Venn Street Market


This award-winning London Farmers Market on Saturdays is in Clapham from 10am to 4pm. Here you’ll find fresh farm produce straight from the grower’s hands of Clapham. 

This market isn’t all about fruits and vegetables, though. You can find the catch of the day and other fresh shellfish here too.

Among all of the incredible produce stalls are some great international snack stalls to check out too. Pick up some organic Italian wine or flavourful South African biltong. There are also some French artisan cheeses and Argentinian empanadas to explore with your tastebuds.

Parliament Hill Farmers’ Market


This market is open every Saturday from 10am to 2pm so you can have a little lie-in and start your slow weekend.

Parliament Hill Market has a beautiful collection of fresh produce, meats, and freshly baked bread. It also has hot food for you to munch on after haggling for the best prices.

Besides its wonderful fresh fruits and veg, this farmer’s market is also well-known for its Insta-famous dog park. Bring your pup along and snap some pictures for your Instagram to avoid #fomo.

Alfies Antique Market


If you’re looking to kit your house out with some antique classics, Alfies should be high on your list of places to visit. The market has been running for more than 40 years and has been the shopping choice of designers, collectors and even a few celebs. 

There are over a hundred different vendors in the market, each filling their own niches (with plenty of crossover too of course). You’ll find more than just creaky old chairs and bashed-up tables too, some of the furniture here is seriously chic – it’s all in good quality too. 

Vintage clothing is also an option here. We’ve spent many an hour perusing the stands for the hidden gems. You’ll find much of those in little accessories somehow overlooked by the people that come here for bigger items or to kit out a new living room.

Chapel Market


One of those Saturday markets that seems to hang on to its working-class roots in a very real way is Angel’s Chapel Market. You won’t find too many artisan trinkets or scented candles here. 

Instead, the stalls are filled with basic necessities and all sorts of other odds and ends. You can find a guy selling all sorts of cables and batteries next to another that sells fabric. Some are slinging things as useful as cheap socks or houseplants. 

Among the stands you’ll also find a few things to eat. There’s a fishmonger who can shuck and serve you an oyster, and down at the end of the market theres a fella that specialises in cheese – this is a stall any serious foodie will want to peruse.  

Practical Tips for Exploring London’s Saturday Markets 

  • You can try your luck haggling at some stalls and markets, but it’s not the norm and won’t always work.
  • Some market stalls accept card payments, but not all. Have a bit of cash on you as well, just in case.
  • Saturday markets are open for a few hours and you’ll be walking for quite some time. So, wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing.
  • Markets are quite busy on weekends and some people start queuing early to pick up the freshest goods.
  • It’s also the case that the earlier you get there the better. It’ll give you the jump on all the other eager shoppers and you’ll have pick of the goods.

London Markets on Saturday: Map

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