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14 Cool Vintage Shops in London

14 Cool Vintage Shops in London

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Looking for the best vintage shops in London? If you’re searching for the best places to hunt out second-hand gems, the capital is the place to be.

We love everything vintage, whether it’s a reminder of years past, a road to sustainable fashion, or simply just wanting to look cool af with unique pieces that help us stand out.

From gorgeous flowing dresses from the 40s and recapturing the Hollywood pin-up glam era to the colourful joy of 60s chic. From 70s punk to 90s rave, we just love to find those fashionable gems from years ago to give our look something special.

If you’re like us and love to shop cool second-hand gems, here’s our fabulously fashionable guide to the best vintage shops in the city. 

Best Vintage Shops in London 

Accessories of Old


Accessories of Old

If you have your outfit sorted, but are looking for accessories to complement your vintage look, Accessories of Old is the place you need to hit. This vintage jewelery store opened in 2019 after some vintage hunters stumbled across a whole warehouse of stock. 

That stock? Unsold jewellery from what was once up there with the country’s largest high street suppliers. They bought the stock and opened a warehouse store in Fulham to sell it. Items include hair accessories, brooches, necklaces, rings, earrings, many of which are crystal encrusted and date back between 1920 and 1999. 

In the early 20th century, much of their stock would have been sold in the likes of Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, and Liberty, now – along with a collection of 20,000 unopened packets of Swarovski crystal from Central Europe – it’s a bargain waiting for you to snap up!

Indeed, Accessories of Old has proven so popular that they’re shortly going to open a second warehouse, five minutes away from the existing store. 



This Camden vintage shop, founded in the 80s, had its humble start as a clothing stall in the iconic Camden Market. They’ve since established branches in Brick Lane and Covent Garden, the latter being one of the biggest vintage shops in London.

The OG Rokit store in Camden remains our fave. A two-story vintage treasure trove. It has served up quality finds to the likes of you and me, and British icons like Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse, and fans of Vivienne Westwood.

Rokit stocks just about every famous brand under the sun, from Adidas to Wrangler, Armani to YSL, as well as US sportswear from the big four leagues.

Our faves are the Rokit Originals, where in-house designers create gorgeous clothes and accessories from unused textiles and damaged vintage, and their good old M*A*S*H*-style military garb.

Serotonin Vintage

Brick Lane 

While exercise is a great way to get the happy hormones going, finding vintage Fendi at Zara prices will also do the trick. Few vintage designer shops can compete with the eclectic and reasonably-priced selection found at the aptly-named Serotonin Vintage in Brick Lane.

Looking for a Rachel Green or Elle Woods-inspired look? This Brick Lane vintage shop has you covered. 

You could grab a Versace Velour Dress for less than £80, Robert Cavalli Dragonfly Jeans for under £100, or Dolce & Gabbana Camo Skirts and get change from £70. This is top-line designer fashion shopping that won’t break the bank.

If you prefer shopping from the comfort of your bed, you can view their regularly updated collections online or on the Serotonin Vintage Instagram page.

Beyond Retro 

Bethnal Green

Want to keep up with the trends without adding to your carbon footprint? Beyond Retro’s trend-led stock set them apart from other vintage stores. That’s right; it is, in fact, possible to sustainably keep up with the Jones’.

With six quirky retro shops in London (and another seven in Sweden), we love the Beyond Retro store in Bethnal Green.

Most of their stuff dates from the 60s to Y2K and the cool(-ish!) bootleg jeans craze that we all ushered the millennium in with. We love that they stock things for everyone, rather than sticking to gendered collections, perfect for that East London alternative vibe, if that’s what you’re seeking.

And their range of drapes couldn’t be more eclectic. From vintage 70s Adidas cagoules to flared CK jeans, smart tweed blazers that wouldn’t look out of place on a Scottish manor to top-line super-casual jumpsuits. You will not want to go home empty-handed!

House of Vintage


There may be an abundance of vintage shops in Shoreditch, the capital of cool, but this one is our favourite. 

Initially based in Canada, House of Vintage is a semi-recent addition to the Shoreditch vintage shop scene. Their second UK store opened in 2018 in Hackney Central, since closed down, and their third one in Broadway Market in 2021. 

They stock thoughtfully curated collections of vintage and very rare finds from the 1920s to the 80s. 

If you like to stand out from the crowd with a unique piece of clothing that it’s unlikely anyone else will possess, from vintage 501s to a cool piece of Americana, this is the place to visit. They also have the odd bit of homeware and super-cool bandanas to help you locate your inner 80s Springsteen.

Hunky Dory


And while you’re in the area, If you walk a few blocks down from House of Vintage, you’ll eventually come across this beautiful vintage fashion house. 

Whether you’re looking for a nostalgic vintage dress or a unique cardigan, a vintage suit or 60s piece of Carnaby Street, Hunky Dory will not disappoint.

The focus at Hunky Dory is less on mass-produced vintage kit, and more on high-end fashion pieces from feminine frocks to masculine modes. Tweed, designer names, leather jackets, footwear, tie pins and just about anything else you can think of, this queer-friendly store oozes East London vintage cool.



This men’s vintage shop in London is the perfect spot for a timeless suit at a reasonable price. The Hornet’s motto is, “Not fashion, style!” And their quality tweed jackets, accessories, and shoes are a testament to this adage. 

Whether you’re looking for a proper English gentleman’s suit or a rare pair of cufflinks to gift a friend, you won’t regret visiting. 

Unique items include a range of hats, from school caps to a 50s-style bowler. Talking of bowlers, their unique footwear includes vintage cricket boots – as well as football boots, riding boots, and even vintage boxing gloves.

Formal wear, leisure wear, and lounge wear, Hornet’s has you covered. You can even hire some of their items if you’re heading to an event.

Finding the store may be a bit confusing, so check out our map at the end of this article. 

Karen Vintage Boutique

Notting Hill

If you’re looking for a go-to spot for high-end vintage in London, you’ll want to add this gorgeous West London boutique to your visit list.

Karen Vintage Boutique has dresses of every fabric, style, and era on display in their glamorous showroom. Think 20s Paris chic to elegant country house dinners in an Agatha Christie novel. 1950s movie-star elegance on the red carpet to daring 70s New York disco apparel.

You’ll find everything here from vintage wedding gowns to sexy slip dresses to suit absolutely any occasion. And even if you just want to immerse yourself in opulent elegance for a few hours whilst dreaming of that perfect ball, Karen is the ideal spot for you. 



We can’t discuss the best vintage clothes shops London boasts without mentioning Atika. They provide an unparalleled shopping experience in their spacious two-story warehouse.  

This hip vintage shop in East London spans 6000 square foot across five rooms and two floors. You’ll find more than 20,000 items, from vintage pre-loved piece to reworked vintage from indie artists and designers.

As well as cool clothes, you’ll find everything else from art and mags to books and homeware, all in a suitably cool and hip environment that befits the area. 

Don’t expect a jumble sale. The seamless layout, high-quality items, and relaxed atmosphere do, however, come at a price. So expect to pay slightly more here, but it’s definitely worth the price premium.



These “outfitters to the independent” aren’t simply about profit. The Reign team is a dedicated group of fashion lovers and vintage specialists. They handpick and measure every garment against their impeccable standards before selling it. 

They focus on providing quality over quantity, so you won’t have to rummage through railings of average clothing to find one lucky piece. You’ll find vintage Giorgio Armani, Versace, Moschino, to name a few, at their Soho store, and online.

From the 40s to the 90s, their range of products is absolutely stunning for boys, girls, and everyone else. From fun dungarees to elegant vintage headscarves that evoke Audrey Hepburn, 90s neon tracksuit jackets to classical designed waistcoats, you can shop safe in the knowledge that what you’re getting is high quality stuff.

Wow Retro

Covent Garden

Wow Retro has three London branches, and while we love them all, their flagship Covent Garden store has truly captured our hearts. 

This is the perfect spot to truly step back in time. Football fans will adore the vast range of English, Scottish and European vintage football tops, with other sports equally well catered for.

Other highlights include durable leather jackets — and leather trousers if you’re brave – while women can browse all the sundresses, formal wear, and gorgeous shoes imaginable. Not only that, but everyone can find the perfect accessories to top off their outfits as well, all available at bargain prices.


Covent Garden

Also in Covent Garden is PICKNWEIGHT, a real highlight of the London retro clothing scene. This German company has sustainability – as well as top retro clothing – at the heart of its ethos, making a compelling alternative to the current trend of fast fashion.

You can browse the enormous range of one-off vintage clothing pieces at your leisure and pay by the kilo in-store.. 

T-shirts, knitwear, coats, shirts and skirts, blouses and blazers, whatever you’re after PICKNWEIGHT has you covered. Designer brands from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s are widely available, as well as the rarer, individually designed pieces that’ll have you standing out from any crowd in town.

Goldsmith Vintage


Another vintage store with multiple sites in London, Goldsmith Vintage on Charing Cross Road is one of our favourites. 

Almost midway between Soho and Covent Garden, Goldsmith is full of awesome bits and pieces founded in 1990 by Peter Goldsmith. Owned by, and serving the LGBTQ community, Goldsmith focuses on selling premium vintage pieces, with labels you’ll recognise, and others you won’t, from the 80s, 90s and noughties. 

Knitwear, dresses, awesome sport jackets and more formal coats are just a few of the cool pieces of fashion wear you’ll find here.

Catering for people of all identities, we love their mystery boxes, that are a pot luck of items that are sure to please. 

And, if you’re a student, even better. You can grab 20% off on production of your NUS card. That’s an offer not to be sniffed at!

Magpie Vintage


If you want bright and breezy colours, patchwork and super-duper embroidery, then the Islington Boutique branch of Magpie Vintage is the place for you. 

This quaint shop in Camden Passage in Angel provides a stunning mix of premium vintage pieces that burst with colour, set against an art deco tiled floor, and exclusively upcycled clothing that are ready to wear straight from the beg.

Check out their bespoke range of Jesse patchwork joggers, or Stella quilted patchwork boiler suits and let your jaw drop in wonder.

Think Woodstock in 1969 and “free love” and you’ll have a good idea of the cool vibe of this gorgeous vintage store. 

Pop Boutique

Covent Garden

Pop Boutique in Seven Dials has just celebrated its 40th birthday, yet it wasn’t until 1991 that their cool vintage vibes hit the streets of London town with a partnership with Topshop to sell retro apparel in their Oxford Circus store.

This standalone branch opened in 1997, originally in Monmouth Street before heading around the corner to Shorts Gardens where it can be found today. 

And we love their enchanting mixture of home-designed vintage clothing that evolves to fill in gaps in their vintage, pre-loved, second-hand collection. 

With original pieces spanning the decades from the 40s through to the 00s, whatever you’re looking for, they’re sure to be able to help out. Imagine grabbing a Gucci silk wrap blouse with leather collar strap for just £70? Impossible right? Not at all… 

London Vintage Shops: Map

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