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The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch – 21 Unmissable Places to Eat

The Best Restaurants in Shoreditch – 21 Unmissable Places to Eat

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It’s no secret that Shoreditch is the epitome of East London cool. So much so that Shoreditch’s restaurant scene has exploded to the point where it’s firmly established as one of London’s culinary hotspots. 

Ready to discover the area’s must-try restaurants? 

From chic Peruvian eateries to high-end rooftop hangouts, these are the best restaurants in Shoreditch for every style and budget. 

Best Restaurants in Shoreditch



Go to Lyles for the phenomenal service, excellent food, and vast wine list. 

This Shoreditch gem has a lovely, laid back, chic atmosphere and an attentive staff who are happy to explain any aspect of the menu to you.

You can choose a la carte items or opt for a multi-course tasting menu. The latter may very well be the closest thing you can have to a culinary adventure in the area.  

Vegetarians are made very welcome too, as they offer both vegetarian and vegan versions of their classic tasting menus.  

Stand-out dishes include the sea bass, spelt biscuits, and chocolate and caramel brown butter cake. 



Shoryu Shoreditch

There is no shortage of excellent restaurants in Shoreditch, but if you’re looking for authentic Japanese ramen, Shoryu is the place to go. 

The chefs at Shoryu showcase traditional Japanese cuisine, preparing their Tonkotsu ramen, gyoza, and fried chicken the same way they do in Tokyo.

Their ramen is spectacular, and it comes in a large portion that’s perfect for sharing (or, if you’re like us, just gobbling up yourself). 

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try their octopus takoyaki. It’s fresh, light, and served with a delicious sauce. 



East London Restaurants - Gloria Shoreditch

Of all the places to eat in the area, Gloria is one of the most famous thanks to its OTT style and hearty Italian plates. 

This premier Italian restaurant in Shoreditch strikes a beautiful balance between eclectic and elegant and offers restaurant-goers a warm, sophisticated spot to relax for lunch or dinner.

Try their massive bowl of carbonara served in an actual hollowed-out parmesan wheel (drool), homemade pizza, or authentic Italian desserts.  



The first thing that strikes you when you enter Apothecary is just how cool the cavernous space looks. Dark wood, carved screens, curved tables – it looks every inch the Japanese Izakaya meets Shoreditch warehouse chic that it is. 

It’s a poor Shoreditch restaurant that relies on looks alone though, and luckily for all of us, Apothecary does not. The extensive Japanese-inspired small plates menu is executed to perfection. 

The faint smell of charring from the robata grill is filled with promise – a promise they more than deliver on as dish after dish lands on our table – meltingly tender pork belly skewers, a small pile of grilled cauliflower sprinkled with black sesame – it is, in short, a delight. 

Away from the grill, go to Apothecary for some of the best sushi and sashimi you can lay your hands on in the city. 

The Yellowtail Sashimi is rich and fatty – gone in a few indulgent bites. By contrast, the Spicy Tuna Dragon rolls with their avocado and spicy mayo offer a more complex delight – an ever-changing kaleidoscope of flavour that leaves us with genuine sorrow once finished. 

It’s one of the area’s coolest all-day dining spots. Nab a table if you can.



Crispin has done that tricky thing of being a non-vegetarian restaurant that manages to be one of the best places for vegetarians to eat in Shoreditch. 

How? The answer is simple: because every item on the menu including their veggie options, is thoughtfully cooked and artfully presented. 

They source their high-quality ingredients from small producers and independent growers – and it shows. 

Everything on the menu, whether it’s the Maltagliati pasta with rainbow chard, hazelnut and Berkswell or the Norfolk quail with green beans, nasturtium and black garlic mayo, shines with a simplicity that comes from using the very best ingredients in the first place. 



If you’re searching for cool restaurants in Shoreditch, Dishoom has you covered. 

Most Londoners are no stranger to Dishoom, which has restaurants dotted all over the city, but their Shoreditch restaurant is a particular hit. 

This avant-garde Indian restaurant has a massive dining room, excellent staff, and kooky 1970s decor that perfectly sets the mood. 

Try their masala prawn, tandoori dishes, and chocolate pudding. Their lamb raan is flavorful, slow-cooked, and pairs perfectly with generous pieces of bread. 

Dishoom is a great place to get Indian food with a twist, perfectly blending familiar and unexpected flavours.  

Burger & Beyond


Burger & Beyond is one of the most fun restaurants in Shoreditch, serving up classic favourites and delicious sides. 

As you might expect from a place giving it all the big burger energy, their burgers are outstanding; made of premium beef and cooked to perfection.

The portions are also sizable – even a single patty burger comes on the large side, particularly when all their burgers come on brioche buns piled high with all the fixings.

Check out their chicken bites, mozzarella sticks, or fish tacos if burgers aren’t your thing. Finish it all off with one of their fantastic milkshakes (the salted caramel is so good). 

Smoking Goat


The Smoking Goat is a Thai restaurant in Shoreditch that gives you a little taste of Bangkok right in the heart of London. Try their Isan-inspired favourites like prik laab and northern Thai salad. 

They also have more conventional items too, like BBQ chicken and smoked herby sausage. Definitely get some of their sticky rice to go along with your meal and sop up any sauce.  



If you love Peruvian food, you won’t find a better place to eat dinner in Shoreditch than Andina

This authentic, classy restaurant offers flavours that you won’t find anywhere else outside Lima.

Start your meal off with one of their pisco sours, and then move on to their octopus or beef heart skewers. The meat is tender, gently marinated and so. very.memorable.

We’ve been known to rave about their lamb terrine and suckling pig – but if you only take one tip it should be this…. Save room for the ube ice cream. 



Blacklock Soho

Blacklock is the place to get a great steak in Shoreditch. Fact. 

Their ribeye steak with chop sauce has been known to make grown men weep with joy*. 

A restaurant that isn’t afraid to take the nose to tail movement quite literally, another standout dish on the menu is the pigs head starter. 

Things become a little more understated at dessert –  though that’s not to say their white chocolate cheesecake isn’t a star in itself.

Wash down your meal with a strawberry margarita or one of their signature espresso martinis. 

*may or may not be true




Ask any local where to eat in Shoreditch, and there’s a good chance they will recommend Padella

This restaurant has been a local favourite since it opened its Shoreditch outpost (the original one’s in London Bridge), serving up incredible pasta at reasonable prices.

Check out their pappardelle with homemade ragu, cacio e pepe and burrata.

 If you’re extra hungry, their ricotta ravioli is exceptional. Save room for their cherry and almond cake. 

Rochelle Canteen


Rochelle Canteen is a lovely little gem of a restaurant. The signage is small, so simply look for a blue door with “Rochelle School” written on it and ring the bell to be let in.

Rochelle Canteen’s secret location is a big part of the fun, but the real stand-out reason people flock to this restaurant is the menu. 

At Rochelle Canteen, you’ll get simple food prepared with astonishingly fresh ingredients.

Their grilled peppers, peas, and mint is a truly lovely dish and well worth a trip alone.



Brat is one of the finest restaurants near Shoreditch, and like many of the best restaurants in the area, you have to look hard to find it. 

There are clues though – look out for a small plate on the door and a narrow hall that leads up to the restaurant itself.

Once you’re inside, you’re ushered into a handsome dining room where you can select from the contemporary British menu. 

Think lobster, mutton chops and whole fish. Their lemon sole is particularly tasty, and their burnt cheesecake is decadent and toasty-flavoured.

This restaurant also has a wide selection of great wines from all over the world.  



Barboun is the best Turkish restaurant in Shoreditch. Unlike many of the other restaurants that we’ve highlighted here, the best time to visit Barboun is earlier rather than later.

That’s down to the fact they do a truly fantastic breakfast and brunch

Try their spicy shakshuka with cool, creamy yoghurt or their bagel with yoghurt and honey, then wash it down with some authentic Turkish coffee. 

If you’re in the mood for something quite substantial, you can always go for the Barboun fry-up with short ribs, baked eggs, and beef. 



During the spring and summer months, outdoor restaurants in Shoreditch are ideal places to grab a meal and check out the city. Angler is one of the best rooftop options.

It’s right on the rooftop of the South Place Hotel, featuring local seafood, excellent produce, and a delicious selection of wines. On the weekend, Angler offers a nine-course tasting menu.

Notable menu items include their sea bass tartare, cod, and mushrooms. 

Tapas Brindisa


Tapas Brindisa

At Tapas Brindisa, you can order several small plates to share, making it the ideal restaurant for groups of friends with adventurous tastes. There’s also an excellent wine and cocktail list.

Their octopus is fresh, packed with flavour, and robust. The lamb chops are perfectly prepared, and the chorizo is full of balanced spice and just the right amount of fat. 

Try their hand-stuffed olives, salted almonds, and Catalan coca bread. Tapas Brindisa also features classic Catalan cuisine like patatas bravas.  

Flat Iron


Curtain Road’s Flat Iron restaurant is a great lunch or dinner spot that will not put a huge dent in your bank account. It’s got a welcoming, classic interior and a very friendly wait staff.

Start your meal off with popcorn infused with beef dripping, and then move on to the main course. Their flat iron steak and chips are great, and they’re made even better with a side of creamy bearnaise sauce.

If you have room, the salted caramel ice cream is the perfect ending to a decadent meal.



Butchies has all of your favourite comfort foods at a very reasonable price. This kid and family-friendly establishment features well-executed takes on classic dishes like chicken fingers, burgers, and sandwiches.

Their chips and burgers are delicious, and their chicken sandwiches and tenders are packed with flavour and crispy. So if you love fried chicken, Butchies is the spot for you. 

Their chicken is never greasy or heavy. Instead, it’s just juicy, light, and addictively crunchy.  

The Clove Club


The Clove Club is a swanky restaurant where diners get the white-glove treatment and a menu of eclectic and delicious offerings. 

The food has a British flair and style, but it also incorporates flavours from all around the world for surprising taste combinations.

Try their chilled courgette soup, royale duck ham, and smoked anchovy jelly. Their grilled trout and dry-aged pork are crowd-pleasers too.

You can order off the menu or get a multi-course tasting menu with a wine pairing if you want to go all out.   

Other Places to Eat in Shoreditch 

Boxpark Shoreditch 

It might not have the high-end finish of some of the other spots in this guide, but Boxpark does have a great range of fast-fresh dining options. 

From craft bars serving local and regional beers to Argentinian restaurants, Boxpark has it all. 

Try Black Bear Burger for hand-cut steaks and huge burgers cooked to absolute perfection. 

If you’re looking for something a little on the healthier side, Acai Berry serves up superfood infused bowls and smoothies. In addition, Edu has some great tapas and fresh tacos served with delicious toppings. 

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth? Soft Serve Society has some incredible artisan ice cream, soft waffles, and other dessert goodies. Small Batch Coffee is a great place to stop for a quick pick-me-up and grab a boutique-roasted cup of coffee.

In other words, you’re hard pressed to go hungry here. It can get a bit crowded on the weekends, so pack your patience along with your appetite.  

Keu Banh Mi Deli  


Keu Banh Mi Deli is one of the trendiest Vietnamese eateries in Shoreditch, serving exceptional banh mi sandwiches with premium meats and vegetables. Try their Hoi-An Deluxe with roast pork, ham, pate, and head cheese.

All of their sandwiches are served on fresh baguettes and garnished with flavorful herbs and sauce. Although their sandwiches put Keu Banh Mi Deli on the map, their curries and rice dishes are also phenomenal. 

Molly’s Cafe


If you’re visiting the Museum of the Home in Shoreditch, you need to check out Molly’s Cafe, which is right next door. It’s a cute breakfast and lunch spot that serves solidly good food made out of premium ingredients. 

Tuck into the classics –  bacon sandwiches, sausage butties – all served with fresh sides. 

The Best Shoreditch Restaurants: Map 

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