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Best Chocolate Shops in London: 12 Indulgent Spots for Sweet Treats

Best Chocolate Shops in London: 12 Indulgent Spots for Sweet Treats

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Searching for the best chocolate shops in London? These are the top places to nab a naughty treat or a special souvenir.

Chocolate lovers, assemble! London is lucky enough to have some of the best chocolate shops in the world. 

From renowned names in the chocolate industry to cool neighbourhood spots serving delish hot chocolate, these are the best places to indulge.

Ready to discover the very best London chocolate shops? Let’s go.

Best Chocolate Shops in London 



Known for proper posh chocolate in colourful packaging, Prestat will absolutely feed all your chocolate needs. 

Antoine Dufour, who created the chocolate truffle, founded Prestat in 1902 and opened his first shop in central London soon after. This actually became the reference point for the writer Roald Dahl, author of ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’. 

Prestat has been supplying royalty and nobility for generations and is officially classed as the best chocolate and truffle in the world. Quite the title. We’ll let you be the judge of that, but we absolutely agree.

Artisan du Chocolat 

Multiple Locations

Artisan du Chocolat has been popping up all over London in recent years, and we couldn’t be happier. What makes them so great? They pride themselves on using ground beans, rather than buying processed chocolate. 

We recommend going for the box of Black and Gold Couture Ecrin – it’s rare to get a box of chocolate that comes without a rubbish one, but not with Artisan du chocolat. That said, the No1 Salted Caramels Original is an equally tempting choice.

Charbonnel et Walker 

Multiple Locations

Known for their delicious champagne truffles, Charbonnel et Walker is the best chocolate shop London boasts. If you’re looking to gift a quintessentially British chocolate, then Charbonnel is your best bet. 

The Bond Street flagship is where all the chocolate fun happens – if you’re after fine handmade chocolate in the centre of London, this is the place for you. Also, rumour has it, it’s the Queen’s favourite shop. If it’s good enough for Queenie, it’s good enough for us.

The only issue? There is genuinely too much choice. Though, we suppose that isn’t the worst problem in the world. 

Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse

King’s Cross

Alain Ducasse is one of the most famous names in France and, luckily, he has blessed London with a lot of his cooking. One of the best things he’s done is give us a fantastic chocolate shop, too.

Situated in the lovely Coal Drops Yard, the chocolate is made in a Parisian courtyard (which we’re sure your chocolatier will tell you all about) and comes in three types: ganaches, truffles and pralines à l’ancienne. 

You can also buy one of the best cups of coffees in London from this gorgeous shop – the closest thing to a Michelin star cup of coffee out there. And obviously, chocolate will come on the side.  

Dark Sugars

Brick Lane

Brick Lane’s devilishly good Dark Sugars is something else. This is our favourite chocolate shop London’s east end boasts by a mile.

We love their pick-and-mix nature, because when you’re picking out the best chocolate you’re going to need a lot of samples. 

If it’s a cold day, give their hot chocolate a try too – it’s not too sweet and not too bitter, the tastiest hot chocolate in London. 



A-class chocolate shop DeRosier makes the most beautiful handmade choc for all to enjoy. 

This shop also wins the award for funkiest packaging – from zebra print to kitsch London wrapping, you can really personalise your bar. Great if you’re looking for a gift (or a cute treat for yourself – we don’t blame you).

Milk with Orange is our top pick, though we’re also incredibly tempted by the New Yorker with Pretzel.



Melange is Isabelle Alaya’s chocolate boutique in Peckham. She’s one of the top chocolatiers in london and it’s far more than just your average chocolate shop. This incredible space also offers chocolate-making sessions! 

We don’t know about you, but we don’t know the first thing that goes into making chocolate… apart from it’s absolutely delicious. 

This is the perfect place to hone in on your chocolate skills and actually make your own. You can even take part in chocolate painting classes along with some fantastic wine-tasting options. 

A great place for croissants, chocolate, gluten-free chocolate drinks and anything French. 


Notting Hill

Did you know that chocolate is the only food that melts at body temperature? Notting Hill has really nailed it with this chocolate shop because the kitchen is the shop itself.

There’s some very unique offerings, think toast and marmalade or pistachio blonde. All delicious and with the hipster packaging to go with it. We’re absolutely sold. 

A great place for your chocolate gifts, they also sell cute chocolate blocks that dissolve in cups of milk for the ultimate hot chocolate. Move over powdered hot chocolate, we’re onto the real thing at Melt. 


Multiple Locations

Montezuma’s has ethics and sustainability in mind, whilst ensuring their chocolate is downright delicious. They have two stores in London, one in Spitalfields and one in Kingston upon Thames. 

You’ll find all sorts of bars of chocolate at this place, including a bar dedicated to the London Transport Museum and bars with various Tube Lines depicted on them. We’re also big fans of their giant chocolate buttons and can’t help but eye up the huge bags of them every time we visit.

Paul A Young Fine Chocolates


If you don’t know, Paul A Young is one of the best pastry chefs out there. And his chocolate, of course, does not disappoint. He takes creative chocolates to an entire new level – they are by far the most exciting chocolates we’ve come across (and we’ve tried far too many). 

Marmite chocolate? Black pudding truffle with ginger biscuit and beer? Yep, we warned you. This man isn’t messing about. 

Though, the chocolate that you must absolutely go for is the gold medal winner at the International Chocolate Awards, the sea-salt caramel. 

Make sure you check out his shop in Camden for the most incredible chocolates in London. 

Pierre Hermé

Covent Garden

Pierre Hermé is France’s answer to all things sweet, which says a lot. This shop in Covent Garden is one of our favourite places to buy chocolates in London.

From famous macaroons to the tastiest chocolate one can buy, highlights include the ‘pure origine’ bars, truffles and incredible creations infusing both chocolate and pastries. 

Pierre Marcolini

Multiple Locations

From one Pierre to another, Pierre Marcolini is another London chocolate shop that is a must-visit. This isn’t your typical chocolate shop, tastes are taken to an entirely new level with high-end toppings like mojito and mint custard cream. 

Disclaimer, it’s not cheap. Go to this chocolate shop if you’re feeling sassy and full of money because otherwise it will totally break the bank. Well worth it for a special treat, though. You’ll find Pierre Marcolini in Selfridges and Harrods.

Practical Tips for Exploring London’s Best Chocolate Shops 

  • We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you, but make sure you get the most of out samples. Chocolate shops will let you try some before you buy so make the most of truly finding your favourite chocolate. 
  • Dark Sugars, Montezuma’s, and Melt are great options if you’re on a budget, while Pierre Marcolini and Charbonnel et Walker are excellent places to buy chocolate in London if you’re looking to spend a little bit more.

Chocolate Shops in London: Map 

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