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Time To Explore: Eccleston Yards – Belgravia’s Uber Cool Ex-Industrial Hangout

Time To Explore: Eccleston Yards – Belgravia’s Uber Cool Ex-Industrial Hangout

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Discover the best of Belgravia’s Eccleston Yards with this insider’s guide of what to do, eat and drink in the area. 

Eccleston Yards was once the site of a power station that powered Mayfair and Belgravia back in the late 1800s and a good part of the last century. 

As with much of London’s red-brick past, what was once a hub of industry is now a swanky ‘lifestyle hub’ – a playground for people like you (and us) to go and spend our hard-earnt money sipping on cocktails and dining like kings. 

With some great things to do and a few restaurants you’ll want on your radar, Eccleston Yards is a place well worth checking out. But what’s good to be getting up to there? Well, this is where you find out.

Cool Things to Do at Eccleston Yards

Learn to Ice Biscuits Like a Pro


We’d never considered icing biscuits as something we’d consider pursuing, but then we saw the biscuits at Biscuiteers: beautiful little edible cartoons riffing off birthday or holiday themes, splashed with colour and charm. 

They look too special to be the sort of thing any regular person would be able to create, but apparently, they aren’t. The Biscuiteers is happy to show you how it’s done. You can take a series of classes that’ll show you all the techniques to get your next bake-off producing the envy of the town. 

Become a Potter

Studio Pottery

Fancy channelling some of that creative energy? Down at Studio Pottery you can take classes in ceramics. They offer that at levels running from total beginner to veritable pro and in a range of disciplines that include tile-making, hand-building and clay throwing. 

You can do a taster class to see if you like your new hobby before you sign up to a full roster of classes. Oh, and those classes are usually run with no more than ten students so you won’t get lost as just another face in the room. Private classes are available too if you want them.   

Explore the Sunday Market 

Eccleston Yards

Throughout the warmer months of the year (usually about April to September) Eccleston Yards holds a lovely Sunday Market. It’s a mix of food and artisanal craft items all of which are high quality and made with care. 

It makes for some great perusing, even if you’re not going to buy. That said we defy you to lay your eyes on some of the cakes and desserts on the stands here without handing over your cash and leaving with a box full. 

Take a Hot Yoga Class 

Hotpod Yoga

Looking to relax to the max? Hotpod Yoga might be the place for it. They run hot yoga classes from their Eccleston Square location, using these tent-like pods for the job. They keep class sizes small so that you can all fit into the pod and then turn up the heat until you’re dripping with sweat and put you through a yoga session. 

It’s not always the most pleasant experience whilst you’re doing it but you sure feel great afterwards. Our favourite part of the class? The calming scents they pump into the pods while you’re stretching away and the fact they don’t push you too hard if you’re not ready for it. 

The Best Eccleston Yards Restaurants

Wild by Tart 

Wild by Tart

Wild by Tart is the brainchild of Jemima Jones and Lucy Carr-Ellison. The two broke into the industry with a catering business, Tart, and decided that they could also open a restaurant to showcase the stuff they do best. 

They picked a 9000 sq ft ex-power station and set up shop, incorporating things like a photography studio, bar, shop and events space into their game plan (the ambition on these two is baffling). 

The food is a chilled-out menu of ingredient-focussed cooking. You’ll be eating your way through food that doesn’t get over complicated or fussy with its technique but delivers in flavour and a feeling that you’re eating food that’s come straight from nature, not some warehouse freezer. 

The Jones Family Kitchen

Jones Family Kitchen

The Jones Family opened their first kitchen over in Shoreditch to roaring trade. Off the back of that, they opened this spot in Eccleston Yards and went on to open more around other top London neighbourhoods. 

The concept is simple: a steakhouse with a laid-back atmosphere and some seriously good meats. The focus is on chopping boards of steak, often flame-grilled but the menu drifts in interesting directions. You’ll even find a pretty cracking Sunday roast here. 

Other Places to Eat Nearby

Belgravia Eccleston Yards

Belgravia itself is full of great restaurants that will be just a short walk away from Eccleston Yard. We’ve written a full guide to the best of them that you can read here.  

The Best Eccleston Yards Bars

While it’s worth bearing in mind that the above restaurants also function as bars (and The Jones Family Kitchen has some great cocktails) here’s a nice option for somewhere interesting to drink in Eccleston Yards. 

Amie Wine Studio 

Part wine shop, part wine bar Amie Wine Studio was founded during lockdown by a husband and wife duo that wanted to develop their own brand of rosé. The result was a bottle called Amie. 

You can buy it and try it in the wine studio – a charming spot that feels as if it could be a cafe with its natural light and light, airy tones. They’ve since branched into the red and white worlds too so you’ve got a bit of choice. 

With the brand seeing success and the business expanding to Korea, they haven’t forgotten to do some good. Of every bottle they sell, the owners donate £1 to charity: water to help bring clean water to those who need it. 

Must-Try Cafes at Eccleston Yards

Ole & Steen

Ole & Steen can be found in a couple of spots around London and every time we see one we find it hard not to nip in and grab something from their pastry counter. Pretty much all of it will make your mouth water, but we’ve got a soft spot for their cinnamon swirls.

They also offer a range of Nordic open-faced sandwiches and salads if you want to tuck into something a bit more substantial. All the bread (and all those pastries) are baked every morning so you’ve got a guarantee of freshness. 

Tomtom Coffee House 

A short walk away from Eccleston Yard, on the corner of Edbury Street and Elizabeth Street you’ll find Tomtom Coffee House. They’ve got some of the best coffee in the neighbourhood so if you’re after a cup, this is the place to be. 

Their beans come from Allpress and they order them in small batches to ensure that the beans aren’t out of the roastery for more than two weeks before they get turned into cups of coffee. 

Alongside this you’ll find a menu of brunchy, coffee-house food to nibble on if your drink needs an accompaniment. 

Practical Tips for Visiting Eccleston Yards

Where: 21 Eccleston Pl, London SW1W 9NF

When: The yard itself will be open 24/7 to walk through but the businesses here will operate their own hours


Eccleston Yards: Map 

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