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Battersea Power Station’s Finest Restaurants

Battersea Power Station’s Finest Restaurants

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Our insider’s guide to the best restaurants Battersea Power Station has to offer.

Since Battersea Power Station went from industrial wasteland to one of London’s top shopping/hangout/eat-yourself-silly destinations the spot has filled up with some seriously good places to eat. 

Many of them are popular locations from elsewhere in the city that’ve jumped at a shot of the action, others are one-off gems that you won’t find anywhere else. None of them are to be overlooked.  

After for the best places to eat at Battersea Power Station? Here they are…

Best Restaurants in Battersea Power Station  



Photo Credit: Matt Russell

JOIA is your best option if you’re looking for a fancy place to eat in Battersea Power Station. The restaurant is the London outpost of Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, a man who’s been awarded two Michelin stars in his home country of Portugal. 

It’s here that brings the food of his home to life in a series of small plates and a pairing of playful-but-refined cocktails. The cooking draws from the broader mediterranean too, so if you want to nerd out, expect to see influences from Catalonia and the broader mediterranean, though the important detail is that all of it tastes good, really good.  

Roti King 


If you’re looking for a solid reminder that Michelin stars and white table cloths aren’t a must when it comes to good food you’ll find it at Roti King. This spot is the Battersea Power Station outpost of the hugely popular Euston-based Malaysian restaurant. 

The good news is that you’ll have a better chance of getting a table without having to wait in a queue at this branch. The bad news is…. There is no bad news. The food, the vibes, the selection of Malay milk teas is all great. 

You’ll want to try one of the curries (roti canai). Our favourite is the lamb but you really can’t go wrong. We then like to mix it up with a Char Kuey Teow – a dish of seafood-topped stir-fried rice noodle dish. 

TOZI Grand Cafe



Looking for Italian restaurants in battersea power station? Our (if we may say so ourselves) expert opinion would be to head to TOZI Grand Cafe

This place serves quality Italian food in a casual setting that still feels like it packs in a bit of class. You’ll have a choice of cicchetti, pastas and larger plates of meat and fish. Should you have the appetite (and the cash) try to hit all three. 

If you want to keep it a little more low key, start with the cicchetti and move on to a plate of pasta or meat depending on the mood. The chicken breast in proscuttio is particularly nice. 

Where the Pancakes Are


Where The Pancakes Are

We’ve never really understood the name of this brand. Is it some kind of play on the film Where the Wild Things Are, or are they just being incredibly literal? Whatever the case Where the Pancakes Are is a high contender for the best battersea power station brunch award. 

You can probably grasp from that literal nomenclature what you’ll be tucking into here. The style is American, stacks of them thick and fluffy. Toppings go way beyond the usual bacon and maple though. 

The creations here are artful and indulgent. The Poached Pear Caramel pancakes are probably the best example of that, but the goats cheese and mature cheddar with roasted thyme and rosemary probably illustrates the point just as well. 

Le Bab


Le Bab

Already wildly popular at it’s Kingly Court location, Le Bab nabbed a spot at the Power Station to secure their first branch south of the river. You’ll be dining on the greatest food known to humanity: the mighty kebab

They’re done here with a touch of va va voom that brings them up to a higher plain than most other places in London (no offense to your local kebab). 

That upgrade doesn’t come with any nos-in-the-air stuffiness. The vibes are still super relaxed. You’re encouraged to get stuck right in with your hands, make a mess and chug a few cold ones along the way. 

Tapas Brindisi Battersea 


With over 30 years of experience in the Spanish cooking game, the folks at Tapas Brindisi certainly know what they’re up to. They serve up delicious plates of tapas using ingredients they ship in from Spain to ensure an authentic flavour profile. 

One of the major perks this spot offers over the rest of the restaurants in our guide on where to eat at Battersea Power Station is the view. They’ve got a window that frames a lovely shot over the river. It’s a lovely spot to sip on a glass of Spanish wine, nibble from a plate or two and dream up retirement plans on the Ibirican peninsula. 

Wright Brothers Battersea 


You might have seen (or even eaten at) Wright Brothers at their location behind Borough Market. They’ve got a rep with the London dinin obsessed (a group we consider ourselves very much a part of) for being one of the best seafood restaurants in the city

The Battersea location breaks from their traditional setup with the inclusion of a Josper oven into their kitchen repertoire. Said kitchen is open plan and seats around a countertop make or a nice spot to sit and watch some great cooks at work. 

Those cooks have put Wright Brothers Battersea on the map as the best fish restaurant Battersea Power Station offers. If you’ve got the 50 quid to lay down for it, the Devonshire crab is a true delight. 

Clean Kitchen Club


Looking for healthy-eating restaurants around battersea power station? Look no further than Clean Kitchen Club. This brand was founded in 2021 by Verity Bowditch, a country gal with a taste for clean living. 

Her goal, and the goal of her partners in crime, is to spread the values of clean, sustainable cooking throughout the city. They’ve got a great spread of semi-fast food for every meal of the day. 

None of it is the trashy kind that tastes good in the moment and then makes you feel like rubbish for the rest of your afternoon – and none of it uses animal products, they’re vegan all the way. 



Bao London

Another one of London’s much beloved chains to grab a bit of real estate at the opening of Battersea Power Staion as a food/shopping hub was BAO

If you’ve not had a chance to eat at this big-name London brand you need to right that wrong with some serious haste. The food here is some of the best you can find at the fairly reasonable price point it comes in at. 

They specialise in dishes from Taiwan, and as the name suggests, bao buns. These come loaded with an assortment of fillings, the Confit Pork being our absolute favourite. 



Another great option for some great Italian food Battersea Power Station does is at Fiume. The word means ‘river’ in Italian and that’s one thing they certainly do have some pretty views of. 

The interior of the restaurant is designed by Macaulay Sinclair, the firm that does the work for places as swish and stylish as Hawksmoor, Pitt Cue and Dishoom. In this fine surrounds you’ll be dining on pizzas that come straight out of wood-fired ovens and a broader menu of Italian classics split by course so you can put together the ultimate Italian dining experience. 

Don’t miss out on the burrata and ricotta tortellini, trust us. 

No. 29 Power Station West


With some lovely views as seen through wide windows that drench the restaurant floor in natural light, a meal at No. 29 Power Station West is nothing if not delightful. 

The food draws its inspiration from the modern European cookbook but has a touch of the down-to-earth, almost gastropub vibe about it. The vibes of the spot itself are usually lively and have a nice hum of happy diners and coffee drinkers about them. 

Come at the weekend and you’ll find those good times turned up to eleven with the addition of a bottomless brunch. 

Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea


Cinnamon Kitchen

Another popular London restaurant to grab a slice of the pie at Battersea Power Station is Cinnamon Kitchen. They’ve grown to fame for their pan-Indian cooking at their City of London location and continued doing what makes them so popular here, in Battersea. 

That would be some fantastic curry with a side of creativity. Dishes like jackfruit and lotus root kofta or the Crisp Fried Aubergine steak make for great vegie options on a menu that keeps it simple and packs on the punch. 

Meat eaters, go for the lamb roganjosh. You will not be disappointed. 

Other Places to Eat in Battersea Power Station 

Here are a few other spots to find good food in the area…

Arcade Food Hall 

Arcade Food Hall 
Credit: Edmund Dabney

Arcade Food Hall are one of the newer spots to make a home at Battersea Powerstation. You might have seen one of their branches on New Oxford Street – if so you’ll know the vibe: quality cooking served hawkers-food-court style around communal tables. 

The offerings here are on point. You’ll have a choice of cuisines from all over the world and beers and cocktails from Tap Room and ABC to wash them down with. 

Special mention to the Cantonese comfort cooking at Siu Siu and the delicious sushi at Sushi Kamon.  

Practical Tips for Exploring The Best Battersea Powerstation Restaurants

  • You’ve got a lot of choice here but sometimes that can make choosing even harder. If you want somewhere to negate that obstacle then head to Arcade Food Hall. You can find something to satisfy everyone’s cravings there.
  • If you’re looking to push the boat out then JOIA is the one for you. 
  • Many of these spots are second or third locations to popular restaurants elsewhere in the city. Seen something you like but don’t want to head all the way over to Battersea, check if the brand has a spot closer to you. This might also be a good way to get around the issue of finding a table. 
  • Make sure you book any spots ahead if you can.  

Battersea Powerstation Restaurants: Map 

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