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Kindred are Hosting a Free Monthly Dinner and You’re Invited

Kindred are Hosting a Free Monthly Dinner and You’re Invited

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Allow us to introduce you to your new favourite (and totally free) dinner club. 

Here at London x London we love a good supper club. You can’t beat getting together with a bunch of fellow foodies and tucking into a menu that may never be put together again. It’s truly special. 

If you’re of the same mind, you’ll be interested to hear about this new community dinner happening in Hammersmith. It’s been organised by a local co-working space called Kindred and best of all, it’s totally free – yes, really. 

They’ve teamed up with this charity called Nourish Hub who like to look at the sociable nature of food and set up events to bring communities together.

The line of thinking goes something like this: With the cost of living what it is, meeting new people can be a bit difficult so we’ll organise a free dinner where people can get together and socialise without worrying about money. 

The dinners will be happening on the first Monday of every month from 7pm – 9pm. They kicked it off in December and by all accounts it was a roaring success and a hell of a feast. 

What to Expect 


Now don’t get the wrong impression. This isn’t some kind of soup kitchen. It’s a pretty classy affair. Wait till you see the grandeur of Kindred’s Bradmore House location and you’ll see what we mean. 

What you’ll be eating on any given supper club will change so we can’t offer too much info on what’s coming up. We will say though, that December’s lamb tagine or the veggie option of zingy miso and mango-glazed aubergine has got us feeling hungry. 

There’s also a fully stocked bar, actually part of Kindred’s workspace setup (that’s a work ethic we can get behind) and you’ll be getting a complimentary drink from behind it as part of your meal.

And, as this is all meant as a chance to socialise, they’re going to be setting up optional games to get stuck into as a way to ease that awkward icebreaker moment. 


We look forward to toppling a few post-dinner Jenga towers there in the new year. 

Practical Info

When: The first Monday of every month from 7pm – 9pm

Where: Kindred, Bradmore House, Queen Caroline St, London W6 9BW


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