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Dazzlingly Brilliant Burlesque Shows in London

Dazzlingly Brilliant Burlesque Shows in London

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Looking for the best burlesque and cabaret shows in London? Discover these dazzlingly decadent destinations. 

Burlesque and cabaret have bedded themselves as a core part of London’s nightlife scene and it’s easy to see why. The glitz, glamour, smooth voices and top-class choreography make for a sensory extravaganza. 

The capital city boasts several top-class burlesque clubs where you can enjoy these amazing performances – these are the ones you shouldn’t miss. 

The Best Burlesque Shows in London


CellarDoor, an intimate burlesque bar in London is in an old public convenience just across the road from the luxury Aldwych Hotel. 

Descend into the club to  find yourself transported to a 1930s-style world, complete with chic performances and a discerning crowd. 

Sip on a handcrafted cocktail while enjoying a fantastic live performance. While it’s best to reserve your space in advance, it might just be possible to nab a spot on the door  – only if you’re lucky.  

Tickets: Reserved seats typically cost £21 and can be booked in advance here

Proud Cabaret

Expect the unexpected at Proud Cabaret. 

You won’t find any old performances here, but rather some of the best burlesque shows in London. With a mix of award-winning drag artists, classic burlesque elements, it’s near-guaranteed to delight the senses. 

Boasting three venues (two of which are in London), each with its own unique atmosphere, you’ll almost always experience something new when visiting Proud Cabaret. 

Now don’t think the fun ends when the stage curtains close. When the show stops, the party starts with top-class DJs playing some of the hottest tracks until the early hours of the morning. 

Tickets: Standard tickets start at approximately £70 and can be bought on their website

Gin House Burlesque 

In true burlesque style, this club thrusts straight into  ‘The Roaring 20s’. 

Don’t be put off by the mysterious and slightly ominous-looking exterior (some have been known to question whether they’re at the right address), once you step through the doors, you’ll find yourself in a world of swinging jazz, glamour and complete extravagance. 

At this burlesque club in London, you don’t only get to watch an outstanding show, but you can also witness a wide variety of other talents such as snake charmers, fire eaters and magicians. Oooooohhhhhh. 

Tickets: Book a ticket in advance, which will cost between £50 – £60, depending on the event. 

House of Burlesque

If you’re looking for an extraordinary burlesque dinner show in London, then you’ve found it. Run by international showgirl Tempest Rose, this burlesque club makes it its mission to go against the status quo. 

You can enjoy the scintillating Speakeasy show every Saturday, followed by a swinging dance party led by live DJs. 

If watching the fabulous dancers makes you want to show ‘em how you burlesque, then you can learn this dance form at the HOB academy too. 

Tickets: General standing tickets start at £12, whilst VIP reserved seating costs £20. Tickets can be bought online here

Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

Dating back to 1887, Bethel Green’s was once a simple working men’s club. 

Today, you can enjoy much more than a pint of beer. Bethnal Green’s is now a world of playful mischief where you can see one of the best London burlesque shows and let your inner disco diva thrive. 

Tickets: Secure your spot by booking a ticket online. Tickets range from £7 – £11+. 

The London Cabaret Club 

Located in an art deco Victorian building from the 1920s, the London Cabaret Club oozes charm. The world-class act often features West-End stars and promises a night of sophisticated entertainment. 

Apart from the performance, this club also offers top-class fine dining, featuring distinctly British-themed cuisine. One thing’s for sure, the London Cabaret Club is certainly the place to go if you’re looking for an excellent burlesque show and dinner in London. 

Tickets: There are three categories of tickets – Silver, Gold and Diamond – ranging from £50 – £125. These tickets can be reserved on their website

The Phoenix Arts Club

This historical club has an interesting history – once upon a time, this burlesque theatre show in London was used as a dressing and rehearsal room in the Phoenix Theatre. 

Actors such as Laurence Olivier and Gertrude Lawrence once graced these rooms – what an incredible thought! 

While burlesque and cabaret are certainly the main events to see here, the Phoenix Arts club also hosts a variety of other performances such as comedy shows, live music and drag performances. 

Tickets: You can get tickets to this club for £10+. Alternatively, you can get a year membership for only £100. 


Unique, eccentric, and extravagant is the perfect way to sum up this cabaret show and cocktail bar. As the name suggests, this is the place to be if you want to witness a burlesque circus in London.

Of course, what is a show without dinner? At Circus, you can treat your taste buds to a delicious vegetarian, Pan-Asian dinner experience. 

All whilst being mesmerized by the entertainment fusion of traditional burlesque combined with the talents of aerialists, contortionists, fire-breathers and more. 

Tickets: You can reserve a table with a deposit of £25 per person. Only patrons aged 21 years and older may enter. 

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