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Monopoly Lifesized: Immersive Monopoly Lands On Tottenham Court Road (And It’s All Kinds of Brilliant)

Monopoly Lifesized: Immersive Monopoly Lands On Tottenham Court Road (And It’s All Kinds of Brilliant)

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Q: What do you get when you cross Monopoly with an escape room, then beef it all up for scale? 

A: Monopoly Lifesized 

Wait, What’s Monopoly Lifesized? 

Monopoly Lifesized

Monopoly Lifesized is the newest venture lighting up London’s social scene, the chance to step into the world of the well-known board game for some high-octane play. 

The interactive experience takes all the much-loved strategy from the board game, then adds in themed challenge rooms and games to up the thrill factor a notch or two. 

Monopoly Lifesized

Take your pick from four boards: Classic, City, Luxury and Junior. Each one offers a unique opportunity to play with real-life tokens under the watchful eye of the exuberant Mr Monopoly as you barter, roll and chance your way to potential success. 

If in doubt – opt for the Classic. The board is decked out with all the familiar names (Park Lane anyone?) and tokens (battleship for the win!).  

Monopoly Lifesized

During your 80 minutes of play, you pit your wits against the other teams, alternating between roll turns and strategy turns. All while sneaking into challenge rooms to codebreak, solve riddles and giant crosswords along the way. 

It’s hella fun to say the least. 

Top Hat Restaurant & Bar

Monopoly Lifesized Top Hat Bar

That’s not where the fun ends though. The ground floor of the building hides another delight: Top Hat Restaurant & Bar – a Monopoly-themed restaurant and bar where you can dine in high style a la Mr Monopoly. 

Secret yourself in one of the snug little booths or on a plush banquette to quaff cocktails and tuck into tasty delights with the best of them. 

Monopoly Lifesized Cocktails

Carrying the theme to the cocktail menu, nab the opportunity to drink liquid delights such as the Mayfair Royal Sours  – a heady combination of Laurent Perrier Brut Cuvée Champagne syrup, Courvoisier, Lemon, Mrs Betters Bitters and edible gold – all topped off with a sugar £50 note. 

Monopoly Lifesized: Practical Information and Map 

  • Address: 213-215 Tottenham Court Rd, London W1T 7PS
  • Website
  • Tickets: Range from £27.50 for junior board to £64 for the luxury board 
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