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A Wes Anderson Pop Up is Coming to London!

A Wes Anderson Pop Up is Coming to London!

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A Wes Anderson exhibition is hitting up London for three weeks only. Here’s what you need to know.

We’re sure you’ve been inundated in Wes Anderson style TikToks all over your feeds in recent weeks. But here’s your chance to see the director’s work in real life (well, kinda).

In anticipation of Wes Anderson’s upcoming movie, Asteroid City, a new exhibition about the film is coming to London. The Asteroid City Exhibition will feature bits and bobs from the movie, and no doubt be the scene of much TikTok/Instagram Wes Anderson video making. 

What to Expect

Wes Anderson, Asteroid City
Credit: Wes Anderson, Asteroid City

Apart from the social media obsessed, you’ll be able to see some of the props and costumes used in production, as well as installations that use visuals and sound from the movie to make you feel like you’re on set. In addition to all that, there’s going to be artwork and miniature characters to marvel at too. 

Probably best of all, the exhibition will also feature a full replica of Asteroid City’s 50’s-era diner, the Luncheonette, serving up grub for anyone who’s peckish. 

The film itself recently premiered at Cannes to some pretty high praise. It’s set in a fictional Arizona desert town – Asteroid City – where a quirky families and a junior star gazing convention become disrupted by a world-changing event. 

The exhibition opens on June 17th and will run until July 8th so you’ll not have long to go and see it. You can book tickets here for £15 a pop (free for kids under 12). 

As for the film itself, it’ll be in the cinemas from June 23rd.

Asteroid City Exhibition: Practical Information 

Where: 180 The Strand 

When: From June 17th – July 8th 


Tickets: £15 (free for under 12s) 

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