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Totally Relaxing Wellness Retreats in and Near London

Totally Relaxing Wellness Retreats in and Near London

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Looking for the best wellness retreats in and near London? These are the top places near London to relax and rejuvenate.

Bored of the same old weekends at the pub and fancy doing something a little different? If you haven’t heard, self-care is very much in fashion right now – so it’s no surprise that wellness retreats are skyrocketing in popularity.

But with so many different therapies, breathwork practises, meditation techniques (WTF is gong therapy?), it can be hard to know what’s best for you.

That’s where these retreats come in clutch. Let the experts do the hard work for you, all you need to do is turn up and chill out.

Read on to discover the best wellness retreats in and near London…

Best Wellness Retreats in and Near London 

Ashlie Walker’s Expansion Retreat 



Ready for a holistic retreat in the heart of Dorset by the woman who is taking the coaching world by storm? That’s Ashlie Walker, FYI. 

Ashlie is a transformational cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapist and personal coach that helps women break through their own limitations – and she hosts one of the best women-only retreats in the UK. 

If you’re a busy woman who rarely gives yourself time to relax, then this is for you. The retreat is for all women who are ready to feel true peace and release any feelings of overwhelm or disconnection. 

The retreat includes 3 nights accommodation, including access to an indoor heated swimming pool, a hot tub and an infrared sauna – what more could you ask for? You’ll eat wholesome food, take part in yoga and sound healings as well as a heart opening Cacao Ceremony. 

Just a short train ride away from London, you’ll immerse yourself in a group of wonderful women and deep healing. 

The Human Experience 



The Human Experience is an incredible immersive event set in a 200-acre farm in Surrey that seeks to reverse the stresses of modern life. The ethos behind the festival is that the modern world leads us to become disconnected… and The Human Experience is the remedy for reconnection. 

This is one of the best day retreats near London, consisting of toga, breathwork and gong bath magic with leaders Grace, Jamie and Joe. 

The yoga class will be a flow-based yoga class, weaving in elements of therapy to help you feel extra relaxed. This will be followed up by Jamie’s incredible breathwork class, where you’ll find yourself elevated to a totally different dimension.

Finally, the gong bath is a great way to get back into your body and listen to frequencies which have the ability to balance your mental, emotional, physical and energy levels. 

Just over an hour from London by car or by train, get your tickets whilst you can to not miss out on this wonderful day in the countryside. 

Mandarin Oriental  

Hyde Park


The Mandarin Oriental’s restorative mind & body one day retreat is one of the most exclusive retreats in London. 

You’ll benefit from one on one yoga or pilates, a healthy balanced breakfast, a movement class, a personalised retreat time for 2 hours and a special departure meeting with the Spa & Wellness Director. 

This really is the ultimate reset day, and you’ll get the option to combine your day retreat with a night stay at the hotel finding you the best available rate. It’s not one to miss and can be personalised exactly for you – it’s the top wellness retreat London boasts.

Glass House Retreat  



An eco-friendly detox retreat just outside central London, The Glass House Retreat was designed to help you find the right combination of spa treatments, experiences and exercise for your needs. 

The packages include a choice of healthy vegan food and exclusive use of all the Glass House facilities which include a fully loaded gym, heated leisure pool, salt block sauna, and a fitness studio. 

You can choose from a one night break to a 5 day full detox or programmes which are designed to get you in the best shape possible. 

The Glass House Retreat is designed to take any distractions away and will make you want to lead a healthier lifestyle when you leave. What better way to invest your money than investing in your health and ultimately, your future.

Essex is easy to get to on the tube from central London and you’ll immediately be immersed in this sanctuary of health and wellness. 

Thera Sea



Thera Sea are on a mission to change the way we look at wellbeing with their rewilding retreats. A little bit further out of London, but still not a crazy long train ride is the River Fal where these unbelievably beautiful retreats take place. 

In a 300-year-old stone cottage, only accessible by boat or a hike through the woodlands, you’ll feel totally immersed in nature and disconnected from the outside world. 

The off-grid experience focuses on bringing wellness back to basics through the six pillars of lifestyle medicine – physical activity, relaxation, purpose, sleep hygiene, nutrition and healthy relationships. 

You’ll get to go cold water swimming and will be encouraged to push yourself through development workshops in the wilderness. 

It’s all about reconnecting back to nature, learning bushcraft skills such as building shelters and fires, foraging or simply relaxing in a hammock and taking some time for yourself. The evenings are filled with night-time strolls through the forest, fire pit chats, stargazing and delicious feasts on the fire. 

The Sharpham Trust 



The Sharpham Trust runs some of the best mindfulness retreats in the UK, ranging from mindfulness for beginners to walking retreats where you can reconnect with the beautiful landscape of the Sharpham Estate. 

Although The Sharpham retreats are fundamentally holistic, they have huge emphasis on the body, nature and the power of immersing oneself into our fundamental way of living and being outside more. 

Sharpham House offers retreats from beginner level meditators to weeks dedicated to self-compassion as well as meditation retreats that challenge the more experienced meditator. There’s something for all levels. 

The biggest thing you’ll learn on these retreats is how mindfulness and nature connection practices will help you manage stress more, an important lesson that you can take with you for the rest of your life. 

Applying mindfulness to daily life is a massive way to be more present, achieve more in turn and live a life with less stress and more love. The beautiful spot in South Devon is connected to the capital by frequent trains.

Daylesford Wellness Retreat 



Daylesford’s Wellness Retreats are beautifully situated in the Daylesford cottages in the heart of the Cotswolds. 

The different retreats vary, but included is a two night stay along with yoga, meditation, crystal sound healing and a big focus on pampering yourself – the ultimate luxury. 

There’s Bamford bespoke facials, de-stress massages, restorative workshops and incredible organic food in the award-winning cookery school. 

What we love about this retreat is that you can also take time for yourself and visit the beautiful countryside surroundings on their doorstep. Guests also have access to the herbal steam room, crystal sauna and a wellness pool in the Bamford Wellness Spa. 

Practical Tips for Finding the Perfect Wellness Retreat Near London 

  • We suggest calling the retreats up before and making sure you know what to expect and whether it’s the right one for you. Retreats vary in prices, but ultimately they aren’t usually a luxury we allow ourselves  – so it’s important to pick the right one and know what you’re getting yourself into. 
  • We really cannot recommend them enough, embarking on a wellness retreat is the perfect escape from buzzy London. Turn your phone off and relax.

Wellness Retreats in and Near London: Map 

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