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Foodies Assemble! Noma is Coming to London for a One-Day Pop-Up

Foodies Assemble! Noma is Coming to London for a One-Day Pop-Up

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Copenhagen’s famous foraging restaurant will host a one-day pop-up kitchen in London.

Noma – widely regarded as the finest restaurant in the world – is coming to London to host a one-day pop-up kitchen. The event, run by Noma Projects – the experimental wing of the restaurant’s kitchen – is ticketed at £95 per head and is happening at London’s Michelin-starred Mexican restaurant, KOL on the 10th of September. 

Tickets don’t go on sale until August 27th so you’ve still got time to get stuck in if you want to. You can also sign up to KOL’s newsletter to get information about pre-release tickets if you’re keen as a bean. Here’s why you should be…

What to Expect from the Pop-Up

Well, the pop-up will run from 12:30pm until six o’clock the same evening. During that time the team will be running a bunch of different services, each lasting 90 minutes. 

Your 90 minutes with Noma will include a menu of savoury bites, a dessert and a cocktail or non-alcoholic equivalent. That isn’t, by the way, a full meal, it’s more like a tasting. What this tasting will consist of food wise, is still unrevealed. 

You’ll also be able to try a selection of Noma’s pantry products – take home items like their famous Vegan XO hot sauce or the smoked mushroom garum their fermentation team makes.  

What’s Noma All About? 

Noma is a three-Michelin-star restaurant from Copenhagen and widely agreed by people in the know to be the best restaurant in the world. 

They’re famous for charging upwards of £500 for lavish tasting menus of food foraged near the restaurant and elaborate fermentation techniques that are pushing the boundaries of the restaurant world in new and interesting directions.  

Sounds cool right? Well here’s the catch. It’s closing. Apparently running a restaurant this elite is financially and emotionally ‘unsustainable’, sucking up hours of labour and heaps of money, often relying on unpaid interns to do the major legwork. The doors will shut at the end of 2024. 

So now perhaps you see why this pop-up is such a big deal. For many people that haven’t made it up to Denmark for the foraged tasting menu, this may well be the last opportunity they have to eat Noma’s cooking. 

If that sounds like you, there is still hope. Thomas Frebel, creative director of Noma Projects, and the mind behind this pop-up, has said that we can expect many more of these types of events after Noma’s closure. 

Noma x KOL Pop-Up: Practical Info 

When: September 10th 12:30pm – 6pm

Where: KOL Restaurant, Lower Ground Floor, 9 Seymour St, London W1H 7BA

Tickets: Tickets cost £95 and will go on sale August 27th. Check the website in the link below for bookings and information. 


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