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Channel Your Creativity at these Fantastic London Pottery Painting Classes

Channel Your Creativity at these Fantastic London Pottery Painting Classes

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From the boozy options to the masterclasses, here are the best pottery painting studios in London.

A good creative pursuit can be a real joy, and in this city you’ve got heaps to choose from. One that’s really grown in popularity in recent years is pottery painting. In response, some really good studios have sprung up around London where you can give it a try. 

These studios offer everything from relaxing painting sessions to mega birthday party events, and of course, the option to bring a bottle to class and sip some nice wine while you work (it’s not a bad life is it). 

Here are some of the best spots in London to try out a bit of pottery painting.

The Best Pottery Painting Classes in London 

Pottery Cafe

Fulham, Battersea 

Pottery Cafe prides itself on being the pottery cafe London ever had, home to the creative pursuit of pottery painting for over a quarter of a century. During that time they’ve expanded the business to two locations across the city, one north of the river in Fulham, the other south of it in Battersea. 

They offer in-house painting classes and have plenty of space to host large group sessions or pottery painting classes, but they also put an emphasis on take-home options. 

That’s where you pick up your ceramics and paints and set to work in the comfort of your own home. Bring your work back in and they’ll fire it for you within 10 days. 

Social Pottery 

Kentish Town 

With two studios in Kentish Town you’ll have more options for what classes you’d like to take at Social Pottery. They offer classes for a range of abilities and occasions, be them birthday parties or corporate events. 

The different levels mean that you’ll also be able to find something for everyone here, and that means everyone from children to professional ceramicists. 

For those of you who like to sip on a little wine while you paint, you’re also catered for. Social Pottery put the social in their name with boozy pottery painting classes that gear towards having fun and getting to know your fellow painters. 



Another great option for pottery painting in London is Claytime. They’ve got a lovely studio over in Highbury and hold a session in the creative pursuit from Wednesday to Saturday. 

The way they run things is really nice too. You book yourself into one of the available slots, then turn up and pick the pot you want to paint. Payment is based on the pot you pick and most stuff is priced between a very reasonable £15 – £25. 

They’ve got a big collection on standby for the painting sessions so you’re sure to find what you want. 



M.Y.O stands for make your own. They’re an arts and crafts workshop that has a broad programme of creative activities to get stuck into – one of them happens to be pottery painting. 

Because they’re not a dedicated studio, pottery painting workshops aren’t as frequent here as they might be elsewhere. However, should you choose a class here you’ll find a BYOB policy that might entice you. 

You’ll also find a lovely team of people dedicated to helping adults explore their creative side and happy to share some tips with you during the class. 

Token Studio 

London Bridge 

Token Studio are a great option for BYOB pottery painting. They run sessions every day with multiple time slots so you can get in the studio whenever suits you best. You pay upfront for the class and they give you a free piece of ceramic to paint. Afterwards, they’ll fire it for you and you can come pick it up at your convenience. 

The studio spaces are lovely and some of the work that comes out of them is really high-grade. That’s because the folks that run the place are serious about nurturing creativity. 

Don’t let that freak you out though, they’re very welcoming to people of all levels, including out-and-out beginners. 

Practical Tips for Exploring the Best Ceramic Painting London Can Offer 

  • Finding a good pottery class usually begins with choosing the right level for you and what you want out of the experience. 
  • It’s all pretty relaxed so consider whether you want to prioritise getting to know people and sipping a drink or two as you paint, or getting your head down and applying yourself – the latter will best be done in the afternoon classes, whereas the former in the evening.  
  • Make sure you book ahead with your classes. You can’t just turn up willy-nilly. 

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