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Don’t Miss the Lord Mayor’s Flotilla: The Hot Balloon Parade Brightening Up London’s Skies This Summer

Don’t Miss the Lord Mayor’s Flotilla: The Hot Balloon Parade Brightening Up London’s Skies This Summer

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Hurray! The Lord Mayor’s Annual Hot Air Balloon Regatta is on for 2023 (weather permitting). 

Keep your eyes peeled on the 21st May (we hope) for a colourful conga of hot air balloons floating through the skies of London – it looks set to be one of the most exciting events taking place in the capital.

Exclusive Ballooning, the City of London Corporation, Mansion House, and the Appeal office are organising the 2023 regatta.  

After last year’s record breaking number of hot-air balloons we’ve got lots to get excited about for this year’s show. 

Excited? You should be. Here’s what to expect.

Rise and Shine

Balloon Regatta
Credit: Exclusive Ballooning

You might want to set your alarm early on the morning of Sunday 21st May – we’re talking around 5:30am. YAWN. It’s well worth it though, as you’ll be rewarded with views of approximately 60 unique hot air balloons floating across London (well… fingers crossed – more on that later). 

These balloons will be launched from Battersea Park and will form a flotilla across the capital throughout the morning.

The parade of balloons will soar over central London, passing by landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Parliament, and the Tower of London. This means that you should be able to spot them no matter where you are in the city. 

Leading the flotilla will be the official Lord Mayor’s Appeal hot air balloon, carrying both the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress. 

Alternative Dates for the Flotilla

Balloon Regatta
Credit: Exclusive Ballooning

As any Londoner knows, our capital’s weather is unpredictable at best (and absolutely miserable at worst), which is why a number of dates for the flotilla have been planned – just in case. These are:

  • Sunday 14th May 
  • Sunday 21st May 
  • Sunday 2nd July 

The event is currently going ahead as planned on 21st May, but you can keep checking back here for updates on rescheduling the event.

Lord Mayor’s Flotilla: Practical Information and Map


The flotilla is currently taking place on Sunday 22st May 2023. They take off at 5:30am so you’ll need to be up early to catch them. 


The balloon regatta will be launched from Battersea Park, but you’ll be able to spot the balloons as they fly over a number of famous landmarks.


No tickets needed – just turn up to watch.

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